New Wave Skate Programme – Fem Fest 2022

Feminism in the Skate Community Brunch + Panel Discussion & Skate Session
Production - Sat 5 March 2022
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 11:30
End → 14:00

FEM FEST x NEW WAVE brunch + panel discussion @ WORM

Skateboarding has always been dominated by the masculine and the straight. During the FEM FEST x

NEW WAVE panel, we will ask ourselves: what does this mean for women and queer skaters? And are there any differences in our experiences? How do we perform the act of skateboarding? Are we even considered true skateboarders? Where do we find spaces to practice our hobby, sport? What are the power dynamics present at a skatepark? And what are the experiences of roller skaters? Can skateboarders and roller skaters support each other? What joy brings skating to us?

In the panel, we want to bring together the stories and experiences of women and queer skaters, so that we are able to understand "incidents" of discrimination and intimidation as collective experiences. At the same time, we want to nuance these collective experiences by paying attention to the different segments of our identities, using an intersectional approach. This way, we can support each other. We will also make the panel available online, hoping that more women and queer people will recognize themselves in the stories shared. Finally, by sharing the panel via various skate media, we want to raise awareness of the discrimination happening at skateparks.

PROGRAMME: Brunch 11.30-12.30 // Panel Discussion 12.30 – 14.00 – No tickets or reservation needed Full is Full!


Noâh Elshout

Noâh is a skateboarder who progresses astonishingly fast, a multidisciplinary artist and a health-care professional. They create noise music with accompanying, often black and white, distorted, imagery which you can check out on their instagram. They are great fun to watch skateboarding, as they never give up trying tricks and radiate plenty of joy whenever they are on their board. Finally, they are always down to help organize NEW WAVE events and help out other skateboarders with sharing their trick-tips.


Nago is a skateboarder, commonly known as shove-it god, a turntablist and a passionate gamer who is currently studying sociology at Erasmus University. They have participated in the DMC World 2021 finals: the annual scratch DJ competition hosted by Disco Mix Club. Moreover, they are a Super Smash Bros. Melee organizer and competitor, in which they prefer to play with Mr. Game & Watch, and a dedicated NEW WAVE volunteer. They have previously participated in the Eyes Open Conference in which they shared their knowledge on gender-based discrimination in the e-sports community

Pascale Numan

Pascale is a skateboarder who is one of the backbones of skatepark NOORD and co-founder of Foef. Foef is a diversity driven platform mainly focused on skateboarding, however, it manifests itself through way more. In a VICE article about Foef, they explain: “It is important to create a safe space for queer and trans people, women, people of colour and everyone else who feels that they do not belong to the skateboarding community, because these groups have long been discriminated at the skatepark.

15.00 – 18.00 FEM FEST x NEW WAVE skate sesh @ Westblaak skatepark

After the panel, we will bring a good old NEW WAVE sesh to skatepark Westblaak. We will be there and we encourage all of you to come skate with us! This event is beginner-friendly: we will bring skateboards and protective gear for you to borrow and we are there to help you with your first ollie. Do you ride a different toy or none at all? No worries, you are still welcome to come on over and chill at the park!

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