Worm's Night of Wonders
Festival - Sat 18 June 2022
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 20:00
End → 01:00

Museum Night is BACK! We are very excited to be part of this annual celebration. This year we feature Rotterdam’s Kollection Kitsch ,Jip van der Hek, Mash.Trash, Ran Perry and Kim Mai Thordsen and NY’s Adam Keith. The artists are taking you on an audio-visual adventure that touches all senses!

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We invite you all for WORM’s Night of Wonders!

Programme w/Museum Night Ticket

Exhibitions in Worm Central Station & UBIK & Worm Foyer
Joining the extravaganza is artist Jip van der Hek (@jipcat) with her special blow up castle!!
In Worm’s gallery artist Mash.Trash (@mash.trash) is exhibitioning their multi-media collection sh!t art! In their ever first presentation of their works, they are excited to show you blend of styles and emotions.
In our foye you will be able to see exhebition from Kitsch Collective [@kollectionkitsch] with their new collection inspired by horror and Sci-Fi. They will take you on a trip though awkwardness, horror and sci-fi. As you could expect, these dark depictions will be very cultish, we keep bringing glitters, funkyness and tackiness in the Kollection Kitsch displays.

Kim&Ran performing in Worm Central Station @21:00 and @23:00
Ran Perry (@ran_perry) will be joining the night with their performance of Kim & Ran with Kim Mai Thordsen. The musician duo will play an original string-instrument, which was conceived for two people. The instrument is wrapped around the waists, and strings are drawn from belly to belly, carrying resistance, support and balance, in a play of tension between bodies – where a movement of one resonates in the body of the other.

Lazy Susan & Co’s Tijmen and Alice dance performance in Worm Central Station @22:00 and 00:00
In Worm Gallery from Rotterdam Collective Lazy Susan & Co Tijmen Teunissen and Alice Gioria present to you Aluminium Birds of Paradise

The performance Aluminium Birds of Paradise combines live performance and video into an instantly
created live-film. The installation performance is created around the theme of getting lost in a digital world. In the piece you might recognize the feeling of endlessly scrolling an online timeline, completely loosing track of the real world around you. Monotonously looking at impressions of other people in other places, then looking up and wondering what you might have missed from the world surrounding you. Both the space and the performer find themselves constantly on a gradient between seeking attention and hiding, in an ongoing attempt to find a balance between the two worlds. Extravagant dance phrases alternate attempts to camouflage, and flashing lights disturb the darkness. All in the endless flickering light of the hovering disco ball.

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