Metamkine – 16mm projection

Film + Concert
FIlm - Wed 10 April 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 20:30
End → 22:30

Jérôme NOETINGER, electroacoustic devices
Christophe AUGER, Xavier QUÉREL, films and 16mm projectors

Through the magic of mirrors, multiple projectors and highly ingenious live-on-stage-editing, Metamkine produces and directs a new film with each of their performances. Working around a core narrative, they spill edits of impromptu vignettes, accompanied by a live soundtrack of tape fragments and ancient synthesiser sounds. These three collaborators, who have collaborated for over 10 years, have succeeded in pushing the boundaries of film and soundtrack into the realm of live performance – and it’s utterly unique.

La Cellule d’Intervention METAMKINE is an open-ended group including musicians and filmmakers researching the relationship between image and sound. Since 1987 different concepts have been carried out and performed in festivals, galleries, cinemas and contemporary art spaces, in France, Europe, Canada, USA, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Since 1995 they develop collaborations with other groups or artists like Nachtluft (Switzerland), Kinobits (France), Loophole Cinema (England), Tom Cora (USA) and Voice Crack (Switzerland).

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Door ticket: €10

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