Maud (NO) + Cartier Reigna (NL)

Norwegian pop / hiphop
Concert - Tue 31 October 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 23:30

Behind the pseudonym ‘Maud’ stands artist, producer, composer and singer Kristine Hoff. Hoff grew up in Northern Norway, where the sun almost never shines or never sets. Maud makes an infectious blend of sharp hiphop and melodic pop and is a counterweight to the usual narratives around both genres. An intriguing and refreshing artist.

Press has been universally positive!
"There is nothing that soothes our souls quite like the chiming synths and nostalgia-driven tunes of Maud’s experimental soundscape."– WONDERLAND
"A gem in the Norwegian underground scene." – A1234 (UK)
"The universe that Maud has created through the new album is resplendent with dark and spiky electronic-pop soundscapes that combine her experimentalist spirit with her instinct for original pop melodies." – Unrecorded (UK)
"Moving over a sea of consciousness, prepping for battle with deep synths and lightning-fast lyrics, this is Northern Norway’s Maud’s electronic tempest." – Chalkpit

Cartier Reigna
Cartier Reigna is a female MC from the South Side of Rotterdam. She uses many different musical influences to form her own style and dips her toes in many different markets. Her music can be described as Shocking, cute and hypnotizing. She centers herself around hard 808’s, a strong base and multiple melodic backing vocals. You can expect a lot of strong feminine energy during a show of hers.