Manifest Online with Leo Crane

The only animation show and tell event in The Netherlands
Talk - Fri 19 February 2021
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 19:00
End → 20:30

Let’s celebrate deep winter with London-based filmmaker Leo Crane! Leo is an old friend from a couple animation labs, and he has a wide range of knowledge so I’m really looking forward to chatting about an animation he finds inspiring. The live stream starts at 19:00 Rotterdam time, which is 18:00 in London, 1PM in NYC or 10AM in LA. The event will be available to view after the fact, but if you tune in live you can contribute to the discussion via the chat box (which is much more fun!)

Leo is an artist, facilitator and co-founder of Figuration, a creative social enterprise. His practice explores identity and belonging with a visual language rooted in movement and colour.
In 2019/20, he brought a community of artists together to create Nude Triumphant, a watercolour animation, interactive art performance and community programme (Arts Council supported). Set in the Starkers Academy, the project exposes the psychological journey of a first-time life model, combining body-positive self-expression with Queer cabaret. (Read an interview with Leo about the film on Zippy Frames).

Leo’s animations have explored abandonment (The Foundling, 2018), immigration (London Parakeets, 2019), and activism (Queer Heroes/Denise Ho, 2020). His first solo show Life in Colour: Portraits of Queer Londoners (Picturehouse Stratford East) was featured in the Evening Standard’s top five things to do for Pride in London 2019.

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