MAG (SWE), Kyoot (IT/DE) & Acrartep (IT)

From High Energy to Low Sensory
Concert - Fri 15 December 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 02:00

About Kyoot

Kyoot is a collaborative project by Cate Hops and Francesco Zedde. The music is a mixture of noise and hip-hop with elements of Trap and EDM, characterized by heavy whacky beats and a playful and carefree mood. In their live performances, the two artists use everyday objects, household appliances, hacked radios, and converted children’s toys, as well as synthesizers and no-input mixing

about MAG

MAG enchants the audience with her distorted punk trombone pop. Her second album En Fis I Rymden is now being released 2 dec on the Gothenburg indie label Surplus Recordings. The album manages to be powerfully personal yet privately political at the same time as we dance our way through the beats with our wagging tail MAG is the soloprojekt of Magdalena Ågren and still a well-kept Gothenburg secret, who every now and then leaves the Swedish underworld and pops up at different alternative festivals and venues magnetizing Europe’s underground scene. With her long tentacles forward and backward in time she enters the stage and performs demonically blaring megaphone vocals, seductively trombone melodies, drum machine slams, and rabbitsyntezis terror noises, creating a permissive world to marvel at. The new album is entirely in Swedish and the title would literally be translated into “a fart in space” which is a Swedish idiom equivalent to “a drop in the ocean”. Magdalena Ågren also currently plays in three other band projects, SORK and Trapped in a Loop and BADA ?

About Acrartep

Acrartep is the moniker of artist Eugenio Petrarca, known for his solo performances and collaborations in the realm of electronic music. Acrartep is also the half and co-founders of the ambient project Ab uno. His compositions are characterized by spontaneous arrangements of modular synthesizer patches, creatively combining sonic elements in an intuitive way. Acrartep’s artistic exploration primarily focuses on genres such as Ambient, Drone, and Minimalism, where each sound acquires its unique sonic identity through a blend of tones and overtones. Acrartep’s creations often feature long and sustained drones, slow movements, rhythmic shifts, and repetitions, transporting the listener on an immersive and meditative sonic journey. His work is also often an investigation into the essence of sound with a ritualistic approach and the art of crafting soundscapes that captivate the listener’s imagination. Acrartep continues to explore the possibilities of electronic music through a unique and experimental approach, offering audiences sound experiences that challenge conventions and invite contemplation.

DJ set by Benkult & Ferré
Ending the night on a high note with a wavy ambient low sensory DJ set by the Rotterdam based Benkult & Ferré