LIVE @WORM – Sunk Heaven (US), Nuh (NL), Mathilde Nobel (NL)

Experimental electronics: Noise, Drone, and Harsh Electric whips
Concert - Fri 24 May 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 00:00

Join us for an evening of the experimental electronics: three electronic artists with a range of audio-visual performances. Expect Noise, Drone, and Harsh Electric whips. Curated by hiddenbehindmist.

NūH (NL)
NūH is a noise artist from The Hague, They combine haunting ambient soundscapes with harsh noise and distorted visuals

Mathilde Nobel (NL)
While pursuing her studies in Fine Arts at Breda, Mathilde embarked on a journey to teach herself the art of electronic music production and songwriting. Following her graduation in 2020, she independently released her debut mini-album, "May+Be." Her foundation in Fine Arts significantly influenced her exploration of the intersection between the visual and non-visual realms, which manifests in various forms, including painting, filmmaking, and 3D animation.

Sunk Heaven (US)
No input mixers, and synthesizers, Sunk Heaven has used the stretches of sonic extremity to produce elegant yet self-destructing soundscapes. Through these sonic environments emerge rhythm and poetry where song lives. the solo project of Austin Sley Julian, also known for their New York band Sediment Club, Sunk Heaven tells us they "build and breaks instruments to construct a temporary outcry, sunk deep into a metallic disfigurement."