Left of the Dial 2021 – Day 2

Festival - Fri 15 October 2021
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 16:30
End → 00:30

This year Left of the Dial will be a 3 day festival! It will take place on October the 14th, 15th and 16th. We simply can’t wait to show you the best new bands at the most beautiful locations in Rotterdam, so we’ve added an extra day. We are already working hard to guarantee you the best festival ever, but of course there are still some uncertainties.

If fate is kind to us, it will be a great city festival where we finally don’t have to take the one and a half metre measure into account. As soon as we know exactly if there are still any restrictions in October, you can read it here.

Everyone who already followed the festival last year knows that we’ll do everything we can to ensure that Left of the Dial is the best festival experience you’ll have all year. As soon as we can tell you more about our plans, we will do so immediately, but that we will organize something beautiful for you for three days in October, is a promise!

Opening hours festival

Thursday: 7pm – midnight • Friday: 4pm – midnight • Saturday: 4pm – midnight


Arminius • Perron • Rotown • WORM 1 & 2 • V11 • Roodkapje • NSR Upstairs/Downstairs • V2_

Line-up so far:

bdrmm (UK) • Beachdog (NL) • Blak Saagan (IT) • Blue Bendy (UK) • The Bobby Lees (US) • Bull (UK) • C’est Karma (LU) • Charlie & the Lesbians (NL) • Cloudsurfers (NL) • The Cool Greenhouse (UK) • DEAFDEAFDEAF (UK) • Document (UK) • Ead Wood (UK) • English Teacher (UK) • Fake Turins (UK) • Francis of Delirium (LU) • Fruit Tones (UK) • Global Charming (NL) • The Guru Guru (BE) • Gwenifer Raymond (UK) • Gym Tonic (DE) • Hamish Hawk (UK) • Home Counties (UK) • Italia 90 (UK) • James Sullivan (UK) • Jimmy Diamond (NL) • Joe & The Shitboys (FO) • Junior (BE) • Kalaallit Nunaat (NL) • KEG (UK) • KIEFF (NL) • Krush Puppies (UK) • Langkamer (UK) • Legss (UK) • LINN (DK) • Lumer (UK) • Magnetic Spaceman (NL) • Malady (UK) • Mandrake Handshake (UK) • Maripool (UK) • MEMES (UK) • Milo’s Planes (UK) • Music On Hold (FR) • Noa Lee (BE) • Paracetamøl (NL) • Pink Room (BE) • Pizza Crunch (UK) • The Pleasure Dome (UK) • POM (NL) • Porthamus (BE) • Private Banking (NL) • Qlowski (UK) • Rainn Byrns (UK) • RAMKOT (BE) • The Rills (UK) • Robbie & Mona (UK) • Saloon Dion (UK) • Shelter Boy (DE) • Shaemless (NL) • Souki (UK) • Speedboat (UK) • Spill Gold (NL) • Stores (UK) • Tapeworms (FR) • Tiña (UK) • Tramhaus (NL) • Unschooling (FR) • VALA (UK) • Vieze Meisjes (BE) • Wardrobe (BE) • WHORSES (BE) • Wu-lu (UK) • Youth Sector (UK) • Yung (DK) • The Zen Arcade (IE) + more to be announced

Info: www.leftofthedial.nl