Last chance! Cyber_Hell Vanta000black

Art & expo - Sun 24 April 2022
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 17:00
End → 20:00

During the MOMO2022 Festival, Rotterdam based artist VANTA000BLACK (aka Moo Meyer) will take over WORM’s gallery to recreate his Cyber Hell video work into multimedia, spacial installation covering floors and walls, eyes and ears. Step into this dark digital dystopian landscape.

Cyber Hell is based on the year 2020, when the artist started to take an active position in the Black Lives Matter protests, speaking out about human rights and climate crisis issues which the pandemic heightened. The game-like video work is an emotional and conceptual approach to his experiences.

Come by and dive into this hyper world! We all live in a highly digitised alienating world, yet the artist manages to bring us all into a new collective space to experience, reflect and lose ourselves together.


Vantablack is a young Rotterdam based visual artist. His immersive works combine various techniques such as drawing and collaging of found objects reinforced and edited into new visions through masterful photoshop skills. Vantablack also works with local and international musicians and performers! If you are interested in cover art for your new EP, he is your man.