L’Amour Collective – Blauwdruk

'an early design that explains how something is achieved'
Theatre / Performance - Thu 10 March 2022
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 20:30
End → 23:30

Join us for this captivating audiovisual debute work of Utrecht based L’amour Collective!

BLAUWDRUK is the result of a 7-day residency in WORM by L’amour Collective; a group of artists with a shared penchant for DIY culture, multidisciplinary arts & electronic music. The collective presents an hour long musical piece based on a graphical score called “BLAUWDRUK”. The performance is a collaboration between L’amour and two artists they’ve curated. Music, art & visuals will be created & played live, therefore influenced by eachother. Expect a hypnotizing experience where music and visual arts meet, intertwine and co-exists!

about the artists

L’amour Collective

L’amour was founded in 2021 by Olaf Bosman and Hidde Vos. The collective was born out of a need for collaborative exploration of electronic music & sound, especially for young musicians; something both of them felt was absent in Utrecht at the time. Within months they brought together a group of young musicians and artists, each with a different talent. While maintaining an overarching theme being sound, they strengthen their expression with tools like cyanotype, tape recording & photography. BLAUWDRUK will be the first collaborative effort from the entire collective and therefore the beginning of many more performances, experiments and installations yet to come.

Kirsten Steur – Visual arts

Kirsten Steur is an autonome artist graduated at HKU Production Design in 2019. Her work is all about the interplay of nature, time & transience. Steur is fascinated by small and overlooked aspects in her surroundings, therefore creating a new perspective on these elements in her work. By doing so, she seeks to recover our connection with ourselves and the exterior.

Emanuel Nijkerk – VJ

As a light artist, it’s a necessity for Emanuel to be able to manipulate images real-time. By working with whatever input available from a space, Emanuel strives to shape these into one organic entirety. For "Blauwdruk", his goal is to create an experience where every sense will come together in one perception; a performance where the auditive and visual elements work together and form a narrative.


seated event

20:00 doors open

20:00-20:30 Exhibition

20:30-20:45 Documentary – making of L’amour Collective

21:00 Showtime