KUNSTAVOND ROUTE – Roel Weerdenburg

Don’t Mass With My Head sneak peek
Art & expo - Fri 7 May 2021
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 12:00
End → 20:00

This Friday 7th of May Kunstblock organises an art tour around our neighbourhood. WORM and partners: CBK, MAMA, Melly, TENT and V2 present artwork featured on their windows or outside of their buildings.

WORM presents a sneak peek of “Don’t Mass With My Head” – a hybrid multimedia installation by composer, sonic designer and visual artist Roel Weerdenburg. Roel built the installation as part of his residency in the new long term project WORM runs named WunderPlatz x SKILLS which aims to disrupt and create new modes of presenting artworks and residencies in our bar the #Wunderbar.

The installation focuses on the repurposing, adapting, re- and upcycling of old electronic equipment. Outside of our building, you are greeted by a cyborg co-created by Roel Weerdenburg and Stitches. This movable piece of the installation gives you a taste of the larger site-specific work situated in our #Wunderbar.

Would you like to give it a better look? You can do that when you visit #Wunderbar’s terrace.
Would you like to meet the artist? You can contact curator Henrietta Müller (henrietta@worm.org) to receive a personal invitation for 7th and 8th May.

“Don’t Mass With My Head” is made of CRT-TVs and includes a diverse collection of video works made by international artists. The videos are personal and societal, combining abstract and essayistic approaches to filmmaking. The giant physical structure – carrying more than 25 TV screens – strikes chaos and invades the circuit boards.

Featured video makers: Roel Weerdenburg , Neda Ruzheva , Jezus Cinco, Jan Kees Helms, Lars Bijleveld, Giuliana Dieni, Joris van Suijdam , Beata Kolbašovská, Koter Vilmos, Ender yıldızhan, Henrietta Müller, Ana Brumat, Rita Pereira, Richard Guenne, TAS (Terrorartsquad)

Additional technical support by: Ward Slager (coding), Stitches (cyborg creation).

Find a larger story about Roel Weerdenburg’s residency HERE.