Kollection Kitsch #5

The Politics of Polishing
Art & expo - Sat 6 May 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 18:00
End → 02:00

The Politics of Polishing
From damaged to extravagant, ostentatious to decorated, nails hold a rich and multi-layered position in contemporary history. These bodily features can instantly (pretend to) reveal a person’s economic status, professional category, community affiliation, and can also serve as tools for expressing and deconstructing gender identities beyond the binary. Through our upcoming edition, we aim to delve into the significance of nails in today’s societal norms, highlight the communities that continue to use them as distinct markers, and examine the growing popularity of flashy nail fashion items into the mainstream.

Opening event 6th of May
Time Table:

*18.00 – 02.00 Nail bar : : * by @famikinz
20.00 – 21.00 Bingo
21.00 – 21.30 Alien Diva by Agnes aka siXren
*21.00 – 02.00 Purr bar by Nataly *
21.30 – 23.00 fiona avalon
23.00 – 00.30 ultratappi b2b ultraspiidi b2b ultrakira
00.30 – 02.00 VSCO

Agnes Momirski
Agnes Momirski is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, performer, educator, and musician under the moniker siXren, whose universe links together visuals, garments,and sonics. Her multimedia performances, lectures and videos permeate with a sensibility for posthuman aesthetics, radical embodiment and femme futurism. Stemming from an embodied perspective, Agnes’ work seeks the links between theposthuman body, ritual, nature, rhythm, inner work and healing, creating multimedia visual, music and sound collaborations across disciplines.
Agnes’ work siXren (verbum medicinae) was performed in over 20 occasions since 2020; she was recently seen on Hoer Berlin 2021, Lente Kabinet amsterdam 2022, Futur Shock London 2021, as well as Impakt festival, AXS art Amsterdam, ADAF Greece, Maaspodium Rotterdam, MGLC Ljubljana; in 2022 she joined forces with Mazhora to create her debut album Alien Diva. Creating works across genres and mediums, such as multi-media club meditations, rituals and performative lectures on topics of femme futurism and radical embodiment, siXren explores the architectures of body and mind in the (virtual) simulation.


Goretti Pombo
Goretti Pombo (1994) is a visual artist with sprinkles of Conceptual art. Storytelling and world-building take center stage in Goretti’s work as she expands the world of “Asterousa”. Asterousa is Goretti’s alternative reality filled with absurd and eccentric characters doing absurd and eccentric things. However, the more you look at these characters and their actions, the more you will discover their connection to our reality. With her works, Goretti retells stories and experiences from her life. These stories are heavily tinted with her obscure and humorous opinions and fantasies.


Mitch is an artist who combines colors, softness and words of encouragement intvisually playful work. They translate it with humorous sparks of fun often coated in pink. Seeing softness and colourfulness as empowering, through the mediums textile and ceramic in an illustrative way. Drawing inspiration from everyday life, anime, cuteness, personal experiences, and stories of others, she creates creatures in their own universe, giving emotions a place to exist. Their work invite viewers to connect and relate to their own interpretation, stories, and feelings. Making her art a bright and playful addition to any environment.♡ ༘̆̈⋆
She explores themes that inspire and uplift, focusing on the power of imagination, togetherness, color, and identity. Their aim is to create universes where all of these emotions can coexist harmoniously. She hopes her artwork can bring joy, encouragement, and meaningful connections to those who are drawn to it, remindingthem of the importance of being connected to their surroundings & themselves.

Theresa Weber
Through developing conceptual multi media installations, Theresa Weber’s work suggests a wider understanding of being as becoming, and critically examines cultural hierarchies. She suggests that her and every hybrid identity can be understood as a network – fluid, complex and unfixed. Therefore she works with the the constant reinvention, which is comparable to the concept of chaos-theory, where arrangements can never be predicted, but can only be traced back in retrospect. Her practice exemplifies the constant transformation in every tradition and is located on the dynamic field between transparency and opacity. It consists of temporal layers, mythological and historical story-telling, contemporary body-marks and archival techniques. Weber’s practice creates traces that seem intuitive, fragile and ambivalent and seek for the infinite.

Gabi Dao
Gabi Dao is an artist and organizer currently based between Rotterdam, The Netherlands and the unceded and ancestral territories of the xʷməθkwəy̓əm, Skwxwú7mesh and Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh Nations (Vancouver, Canada). Dao’s practice culminates in collage, sculpture, sound and moving image installations with an interest in multiple truths, blurry temporalities, sensory affirmations and ways of knowing otherwise. They work through long-gestating, fluid processes of gathering, breaking and repairing from their own, world-making vernacular of audio/visual fragments, tactile collections of whatnots and scraps of linguistic detritus. Thinking
with these materials, their work often begins within the slippages of ‘history’, archives and storytelling— towards channeling the ineffable tensions between grief and joy, alienation and belonging, dissidence and complicity, disassociation and sentimentality. From this juncture, Dao attempts to reclaim and re-enchant meaning-making from the ruins of capitalism and colonialism, especially in the ways they have extracted from racialised, gendered and more-than-human communities. They also host intimate, olfactory ‘readings’ through Scent Bar, which operates adjacently to their slow, small-batch perfume business, PPL’S PERFUME.