Kitchen Club #2

Kitchen Club @WORM
Club - Sat 1 April 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 22:00
End → 05:00

Get ready for a night filled with kick-ass beats, knob twiddling and gear. Synth lovers beware, this one is for you!
We are all about love – love for music, love for one another, love for live performances and for the unpredictable moments that happen when artists and dancers inspire each other right there in the moment.

KITCHEN CLUB hosts nights dedicated to electronic live performances and vinyl DJs. Offering electronic performers the opportunity to play and bring something different. It can be techno, house, crazy-electronics, or anything in between, but it will always break new ground and broaden your musical spectrum.

-== Nocturnal Noise Makers ==-
Analog Kitchen (LIVE)
Ben Diggins (VINYL)
Beyun (VINYL)
Jelle Bolijn (LIVE)
Precursor (LIVE)
Mario Gucci (LIVE)