in The Hague (mini festival) 12-30July OPENING DAY
Festival - Wed 12 July 2023
Waterkant Den Haag
Start → 14:00
End → 21:00

KAZEMAT installations, performances, improv electronic music, food and more for multiple days in The Hague.

After years of fruitful collaboration between WORM and ACHTERBAN, we are thrilled to announce our upcoming collaborative project: KAZEMAT!
KAZEMAT will captivate your senses from the 12th till the 30th of July 2023 at one of The Hague’s best hidden gems: De Waterkant. Where nature, WW2 bunkers, water side and chilling area with a drink meets to bring you to the ulitimate summer spot.
During this time, we will immerse you in a diverse program that aims to forge a creative connection between Rotterdam and The Hague.
KAZEMAT will transport you to a world where art is celebrated as a fundamental element of our society.
Whether you choose to dive into thought-provoking art experiences or simply bask in the sun while enjoying refreshing beers, be prepared to question your existence in the best possible way.
Our program will encompass a wide range of art forms, including captivating artworks, intriguing installations, mesmerizing performances, dynamic concerts, spontaneous pop-up jam sessions, mind-expanding electronic explorations, and, of course, an abundance of delicious food at the location.
Mark your calendars!
The program will take place every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 14:00 till 21:00. On the days in between, we have a continuous exhibition that will further ignite your imagination.
—exchange project between Rotterdam and The Hague upcoming artists for a better connection between the two cities— <3


ONGOING Installations in the BUNKER/ FOREST

Guido Bouwman / Installation
Heidi Hörsturz / Audio visual installation
Sam Janssen / Installation
Smila – Bouwbak / Interactive Playground
Bailey Mees / Vinyl Installation

music provided in the garden of the BUNKER
14:00-15:00 Team KAZEMAT
15:00-16:00 Team KAZEMAT
16:00-17:00 Tjetjoebetja
17:00-18:00 Tjetjoebetja
18:00-19:00 K Cidder
19:00-20:00 K Cidder
20:00-21:00 Pettson

+all day "Safe Space for Stupid Ideas by Mila"

WORM is the ultimate test environment for alternative art production, experimental ways of living and non-academic knowledge development. We are a network organisation at the intersection of (popular) culture and (performing) arts, fueled by an abiding interest in all the inspiring, beautiful, urgent, vital, raw, unruly and / or crazy shit that our fellow human beings come up with. We do not see the chaos that comes with it as a problem; rather we use it as energy for action.

ACHTERBAN is a multi-disciplinary organization born from a collective desire to bring back experimentation within nightlife. To make this happen ACHTERBAN organizes events where all senses get stimulated in the form of an always changing and unique experience, blurring the line between visitor, creator and creation.

WATERKANT (the location)
Alternative to the crowds of seaside boulevards, try nearby ‘Waterkant’ -Water’s Edge-. Our little ponton ferries you across as you enter the most beautiful grass terrace of The Hague. Due to the south facing secluded setting, the temperature is often several degrees higher than the rest of town. You can also enter through the park. Waterkant is situated in the middle of the Rose Garden in the Westbroekpark.

Location: Kapelweg 55, Den Haag
Date: 12/07 – 30/07

For further details and the full program, we encourage you to stay tuned. More information will be released soon.

Art by: Huibert van Dorp
Visuals by: Sevgi