Janne Eraker Ensemble & Lisa and the F.I.X.

Double bill
Concert - Tue 17 October 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 23:30

A great and amazing evening with two very special groups; Janne Eraker with a totally new approach to tapdancing and making interesting music with that, and Roffa-based Luke Deane’s Lisa & the F.I.X., a weird mixture of torch song singing, experimental electronics and uncontrollable beauty. Both groups present their new albums on this evening (so do take some cash).

Choreographer and tap dancer Janne Eraker has made the groundbreaking tap dance album Movements for Listening, resulting in a double vinyl released on the Dutch label Esc.Rec and 10 videos documenting each unique track. Out of this project, she developed the Janne Eraker Ensemble. Based on improvisation and scores, Eraker leads a group of exquisite musicians through performance concerts that are equally traditional and contemporary.

Janne Eraker – tap dance
Juliana Venter – voice
Ivar Grydeland – pedal steel guitar
Michaels Antalova – drums


Lisa and the F.I.X. is the alter-ego of composer Luke Deane. Originating from Birmingham in 2014-16, Lisa creates live performance art with songs about emotional transparency and the growing need for self-expression. She’s always looking for spaces where raw emotions can be expressed, and for her debut album is joined by Tancrède D. Kummer (Drums) and Uldīs Vitols (Bass) plus a unique ensemble of vibraphone/cymbalom, duduk/ney/double-neck guitar, double-bass panflute and cello.