Concert - Thu 7 September 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 01:00

The concluding chapter of the INTERRUPCIÓN 2023 trilogy; where WORM will once again host a tropical Thursday dedicated to tropicannibalistic music, vintage cumbia and avant-garde experiments from Latin America and its diaspora. The great ALEX FIGUEIRA comes by with his band to play tropical music from his recent solo debut, Colombia’s GENOSIDRA (who’s also known for his work as bass player in Blanco Teta) will provide some essential noise and there’s the dooombia sounds from DOOOMBIAMBEROS. Also: BUBBLES will close things down with a flavourful vinyl set while VJ ALERTA projects some visual wizardry!

A few months ago we saw the release of Mentallogenic, the very first solo album by Alex Figueira (also known for Fumaça Preta, Conjunto Papa Upa, Lola’s Dice, a.o.). Latin-American and African genres are mixed with a forgotten type of soul and funk, resulting in an unique and diverse record, in which the ‘hardest-working man in tropical music’ plays every instrument. Now, Alex has put together a band to perform this album live on stage, and we’re proud to have them in WORM in the final INTERRUPCIÓN-event of the year!

Colombian producer, DJ and sound artist Carlos Quebrada aka Genosidra is maybe best known in the Netherlands for his destructive basswork with the Argentine electronic noise band Blanco Teta. He’s also responsible for some great soundtracks for Colombian films, such as LOS MAYORES RÍOS SE DESLIZAN BAJO TIERRA by Simón Vélez (which, not entirely by chance, will be shown during the film festival Cinema Colombiano in WORM on the 23rd of September). Genosidra develops an experimental electronic aesthetic in dialogue with the Latinx club, noise, hyperpop, footwork and transdisciplinary performance, and during INTERRUPCIÓN you can experience his explorations during both a live performance and a DJ set.

In the name of the lord of cumbia Andrés Landero, sacrifice your inner organs through the trembling roar of dooombia! …a further amplification of cumbia rebajada, meant to expel all oppressive spirits that the inquisition left behind, while invigorating the followers of Madremonte. Dooombiamberos are a new experimental cumbia group, consisting of Mitze Apocalipze, Chucho Vinilo and Mijo: 2/3rd Colombian, 100% cumbia fanatics! Join the procession, embrace your dooom.

Bubbles has a big passion for music and collects records from all over the world. She is also a great lover of cumbia, merengue and salsa. Some of her favourite bands are Minyo Crusaders, Los Homeboys and Meridian Brothers. You will hear killer dance tunes from her on vinyl.

You could already see her work during part 2, and we’re proud that VJ Alerta returns for some live VJ-ing in September!

There will also be a mini vinyl market by Bas Laitir and the event will be hosted by MITZE APOCALIPZE (Cinema Colombiano Radio).

INTERRUPCIÓN is organised together with the team of Cinema Colombiano. Keep an eye out on their or WORM’s social media for any updates. The annual film festival Cinema Colombiano, dedicated to Colombian film, is planned for the 16th of September in CAVIA Amsterdam and the 23rd of September in WORM Rotterdam.