Concert - Thu 6 July 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 00:30

Part two of the INTERRUPCIÓN 2023 trilogy! WORM will be host to another tropical Thursday dedicated to tropicannibalistic music, vintage cumbia and avant-garde experiments from Latin America and its diaspora. This time we invite local band WHOOOM together with CHYPKO, Bruxelles-based SUSOBRINO, Quito’s HANNAH LEE and dj EDGAR NEVERMOO. Also: we are happy that RASUREITOR will return from Colombia to cut some hairs!

Field Recordings, percussion, electronic spice and acoustic instruments. These are the ingredients chosen to create the perfect Belgian Bolivian. His didactic study for percussion and rhythm was the focus of his album “La Hoja de Eucalipto” that brings alive an active and aggressive part of Susobrino. The Bolivian Indiana Jones presented his first serene EP “Mapajo” in 2018. An EP fully made of his field recording trip to Bolivia. An electronic music artist that resorts to his mouse only when strictly necessary, Susobrino crafts his ‘soundtrack music’ -referring to the soundtrack of life itself- by executing a wide variety of instruments, as demonstrated during his performance at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2022:

Hannah Lee is a producer, sound artist, and DJ, originally from Quito, Ecuador. Their work explores the introspective and corporeal possibilities of music and sound by weaving sound textures built from field recordings, analog instruments, and other found sounds. The results range from fantastic ambient projects such as their collaboration with Colombian gaita player El León Pardo to club banger singles.

After creating the psychedelic album ‘Baku’, Whooom recorded ‘Isle of Ga’ with their amazingly talented friend Chypko (also known as the singer of Rotterdam psychedelic dream pop band BED). Chypko is from Peru and in this collaboration the songs are beautifully sung in the native language: "Quechua", resulting in a dreamy vibed album with some sweet songs. Check out the album here!

The tireless DJ Edgar Nevermoo is a familiar face to visitors of the Cinema Colombiano film festival and last year’s INTERRUPCIÓN. He’s a great collector and will bring some of his finest South American records to the turntables.

Rasureitor is a Colombian artist who has dedicated the last 10 years of her life to hair art. Her brush is a shaving machine, creating geometric patterns influenced by the forms of plants and indigenous fabrics of our ancestors, breaking the schemes of traditional hairdressing. She sees each haircut as a unique meeting space between her and the one who sits under her razor. A moment in which, she says, energy is also renewed. During the event she will be cutting hairs, contact us ( to schedule an appointment with her!

The event will be hosted by MITZE APOCALIPZE (Cinema Colombiano Radio).

INTERRUPCIÓN is organised together with the team of Cinema Colombiano. Keep an eye out on their or WORM’s social media for any updates.
The third edition of INTERRUPCIÓN takes place on the 7th of September.
The annual film festival Cinema Colombiano, dedicated to Colombian film, is planned for the 23rd of September.