Tropicannibalistic music, vintage cumbia and avant-garde experiments
Concert - Thu 11 April 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 00:00

INTERRUPCIÓN returns to WORM for another tropical Thursday dedicated to tropicannibalistic music, vintage cumbia and avant-garde experiments from Latin America and its diaspora.

The first edition of 2024 will prove to be an adventurous dive into the world of tropical music. Iván Medellín (Conjunto Media Luna) brings his accordion from Bogotá to set Rotterdam ablaze with his own contemporary cumbia. Lola’s Dice will grant us pure evil and tropical madness while Natura Morta guides us with her voice through a more intimate landscape of sound. In the meantime, Bubbles will spin her favourite cumbia and merengue records and Bãs Laitir’s back with his vinyl corner. High temperatures are expected!

Conjunto Media Luna
In the tumultuous year of 2020, Conjunto Media Luna came to life as a musical venture led by the visionary musician and producer Iván Medellín. Rooted in the evocative accordion cumbia melodies of Colombia’s Montes de María region, Conjunto Media Luna doesn’t merely dwell in tradition; it embraces it at its core. A passionate sonic exploration led to uncharted territories. Synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines became integral parts of its musical lexicon, influenced by sounds ranging from rock and doom metal to melodic techno. In 2023 this resulted in the debut album "Noches de Media Luna", featuring a collection of straight up bangers. Iván is on his Doombia Tour through Europe and we’re delighted that he’s making a stop in Rotterdam!

Natura Morta
Natura Morta is the solo project of Colombian songwriter, performer and illustrator María Mallol Moya. She takes us into a very intimate and oneiric landscape of sound: infinite reverbs, gloomy voices that overlap in a phantomy harmony, flamenco-like organs and acoustic guitars, field recordings collected on her several trips into the vast greens of Colombia, influences that go from groups such as Księżyc and Cocteau Twins, never forgetting the roots of flamenco and Colombian darkest cumbia, and the fierce flag of voice as the most magical instrument of human evolution. María Mallol Moya also participated in Conjunto Media Luna’s 2022 hit single "Baile en el Infierno" – so prepare for a spectacular team-up here at INTERRUPCIÓN!

Lola’s Dice
In their early years, Lola’s Dice experimented with punk and funk. Later, touched by the arrival of tropical noise the band vandalized all sort of sounds impregnating their rhythm section with the magical sabrosura. The band’s evolution has resulted in music that is a pure body-moving delight — a fuzzy blend of guitars, and synths that is very much rooted in the percussive sounds of Latin America. Their album "Pura Maldad" is a genre-crossing collection of pure tropical madness. Energetic singer Javier Bohorquez was a guest at Cinema Colombiano Radio, in which he told more about the various songs: for instance about Trucupey, relating to a legendary restaurant in his native Venezuela, or about the sensual dance of the Pulehebilla. Visitors of last year’s INTERRUPCIÓN in September will also recognize of course the numbing percussion of Alex Figueira!

Let yourself be enchanted by the bubbly cumbia beats of our DJ, Bubbles! Her mix of rhythms is sure to get you moving and take you on a journey through the vibrant sounds of Latin America. And if you’re craving some merengue, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Get ready to dance the night away to the irresistible tunes of cumbia and merengue!

Bãs Laitir’s vinyl corner
Bãs is back with another selection of obscure vinyl. Check out his mini-market and be sure to ask him about his favourite genre: salsa!

Hosted by Mitze Apocalipze (Cinema Colombiano Radio)
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Poster by Kevin Simón Mancera