IFFR: Immersive Media

Festival - Wed 1 February 2023
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 10:00
End → 22:00


Program 1

By the Shore by Inoue Hiroki

A couple enjoy their holiday drinking on the beach. After they doze off, the weather starts to change. A large, dark figure lies on the beach when they wake. Pretty soon, more and more people feel the need to interfere. By the Shore is a virtual-reality portrait of group dynamics. As a viewer, you are right at the centre of the experience and you sense the atmosphere getting more and more oppressive.

Kabaret by Gina Thorstensen

In the musical Kabaret – named after a Norwegian seafood dish – we dive into the depths of the seas. A magical underwater world reveals itself, while a shrimp sings about its worries over the future of the reef. Together with this new-found friend, you find yourself on a mission to bring the light of the full moon to the dying coral reef and revitalise it. Kabaret is a fascinating and playful VR film that completely submerges the viewer.

Program 2

No Place But Here by Dylan Valley & Annie Nisenson

A ‘360-degree documentary’ immersing us, via virtual-reality technology, in the lives of brave occupiers in Woodstock, South Africa. A citizens’ group led by women reclaimed two buildings in 2017. Viewers can experience the testimonies and daily activities that now fill these spaces.

All Unsaved Progress Will Be Lost by Mélanie Courtinat

A melancholic film, told through the testimony of a woman who refuses to leave her home. In a ghost town dominated by fog and concrete buildings, the sense of impending doom is slowly growing. Compassionate and immersive VR experience with atmospheric ambient music from Yatoni.

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