I Forgot How To Dance

w/ Kleingeld, Octagon Blues & IO
Club - Fri 15 September 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 23:30
End → 04:00

Get ready to break free from the dancing cobwebs and groove the night away. A playground of collectively unlearning by creating new patterns with your present. Our DJs will take you on a sonic voyage, featuring deep sounds, hypnotic samples, and eclectic beats that will ignite your forgotten instincts.

We are excited to share this first club night of ‘I Forgot How To Dance’, which started off as a radio show, but this time bringing it directly to the dance floor.

Octagon Blues

Hummingbird songs in frosty mornings, church choirs and bells ringing, euphoric vocals, crying guitars, and swelling synths – that’s what Kleingeld’s dreams are
made of. Brimming over with gloomy echoes and intricate percussion, her candle illuminated shows can induce anyone into a posthypnotic amnesia. DJ by day, didgeridoo by night, the empress of reverb plays with haunted airwaves embodied by her listeners’ breaths – all in a strange but fun parade, destination unknown, fragile, and uncertain sonic fields. Feeling uneasy or confused? Just relax, Kleingeld whispers, “I will count sheep for you, rest easy now. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven – give in…eight, nine, ten….”

sensual, strange, therapeutic, hypnotic.

Octagon Blues
A Rotterdam-based collective, is the creative output of a group of interdisciplinary artists Jeroen Janssen, Rodrigo Ribeiro and Samuel van der Veer. They met in 2017 during their Bachelor of Dance at Codarts University of the Arts. There, they frequently collaborated on creating and performing contemporary dance, but it wasn’t until 2019 that they found out about their shared ambitions of becoming interdisciplinary artists.

Octagon Blues released their single ‘Pink Moon’, driven by the Super Pink Moon that rose one month earlier on a cloudy night in April. With two releases under their belt, OB continues to push their musical ideas forward by bringing their first ever live show to Eendracht Festival, exhibiting earlier recordings by the collective alongside their personal repertoire. They’ll also be showcasing a glimpse of their upcoming EP, ‘Innerflections’.

15 September 23:30 – 04:00