Happy Accidents #5

Concert - Wed 26 May 2021
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Doors → 20:00
Start → 21:00
End → 22:30

WORM is exploring a new form of virtual club. One with live experiments, improvised jam sessions, rare and surprising equipment and unexpected collaborations. Where genres, dreams, resources and expertise interbreed, to create something very special. WORM’s resources are open to each participant: whether specific requests for lights, sound, cameras, or equipment out of WORM Sound Studios.

This is the fifth edition of our corona-mitigated, government-proof virtual club: Happy Accidents. In-house in WORM’s on the Boomgaardsstraat in Rotterdam.

Every month, local electronic music producers and a VJ to work with what’s in their heads, and they’ve got to hand. The results are streamed from the Open City, for your pleasure.

Line up:
Animistic Beliefs & Charlton
VJ’s: Emma Milasiute + Zalán Szakács

The secret streamlink and password can be found on the e ticket!!!

WORM will continue to support local deejays: to enable them to play and to experiment with their peers, and earn some much needed funds along the way. That’s why these livestream events aren’t free: money goes to the artists. Trust us.

Happy Accidents: Get involved.

Watch back the 4th edition of Happy Accidents HERE!