GBQP is back after more than 5 years
Club - Fri 29 March 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 23:00
End → 05:00

This is not a new queer party! Because GBQP is back after more than 5 years to make the experience even more nostalgic, they brought their friendclowns from CC to build this mess of a clubnight with them… The Gender Bending Cruise Party is a fact!

To put the dirty money where the dirty mouth is, CRUISING will be the theme of this party playground. You will be invited to indulge in the oldest gay practice of connection – to cruise and be cruised.

You can expect:
a crew of genderclowns ready to take care ofyou
more genderclowns to make sure the cruising is going well
a playroom for the serious stuff
a dancefloor with old school cruise hits
daring performances to set the vibes*

‘i think i’m done with the sofa…’ – George Michael

—————-READ CAREFULLY—————————-

Queer is based on sexual integrity.
We celebrate sexuality, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. It is especially important for transgender people to be safe here!


Please help us create a safer space for gender and sexuality beyond cis heteronormative limits – you are a part of it and we need you – we are creating a safer space for all non normative bodies and identities together.

Try to be mindful about your behaviour!
Is it usually hard for you to take up space? Claim that dancefloor honey!
Are you someone who has the comfort and privilege in taking up space? This is your time to shine by creating space for others!

We do not have a beauty standard inside!
Self expression is not a risk here, all bodies and looks deserve equal attention. This means:
– we encourage you to try something you’ve always wanted to try-nothing is too crazy here!
– we encourage genderclowning, drag, crossdressing, kink and nakedness
– but there’s no strict dresscode, be as you please, and change it when you please.
– lose yourself a bit – but not completely! Openly drug use = removal. Take care of yourself and your friends please!
– be aware of some explicit performances

Please only use your phone to find each other – we will put a sticker on your cameras to avoid unconsensual exposure. Go to the photographer for the best memory 🙂

ENJOY – we are here to be your hosts, don’t hesitate to ask for anything!