Filmwerkplaats workshop

DIY pinhole camera & organic photographic processes
Workshop - Sat 11 June 2022
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 13:00
End → 16:00

FILMWERKPLAATS workshop – DIY pinhole camera & organic photographic processes

An intensive 3-hour hands-on workshop by Hannah Fletcher, London based artist, working with cameraless photographic processes, founder of The Sustainable Darkroom, Co-director of London Alternative Photography Collective and a facilitator of sustainability within the arts.

In this workshop Hannah will guide you through:
– making a pinhole camera out of an old film canister
– exposing images onto (direct) positive paper
– making a developer out of used tea leaves
– developing your positive images using the home-made tea leaf developer
At the end, we will have some time to further experiment with our home-made tea leaf developer by making chemigrams with it. Chemigrams are made by applying different resists to silver gelatine paper to create variations in form, colour, tone and pattern. We will use various household ingredients and kitchen cupboard items to make these abstract, playful images.

Working with both waste and common household materials, this workshop exemplifies artistic processes that are accessible, low toxicity and more sustainable. There is no prior experience needed. Hannah will cover the chemistry behind plant based developers as well as the physics of making a pinhole image during the workshop.

When: Saturday 11 May from 13.00 till 16.00
Location: Filmwerkplaats, WORM Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam
Costs: € 30,- (all materials included)

Hannah Fletcher is an artist working with and researching the many intricate relationships between photographic and not-so photographic materials. Intertwining organic matter such as soils, algae, mushrooms and roots into photographic mediums and surfaces, Fletcher questions the life cycle and value of materials by incorporating waste from her studio back into the system of making. Working in an investigative, ritualistic and environmentally conscious manner, she combines scientific techniques with photographic processes, creating dialogue and fusions between the poetic and political.Her work has been exhibited worldwide, including Finland, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Ireland, Spain and the UK. Since 2019 Hannah has been teaching and mentoring in sustainable art practices, guiding practitioners through material usage, process innovation, waste activation, participation in systems and cross pollination between industries and practices. Hannah has taught at venues including The Science Gallery, The Royal Academy, The Royal College of Art, The Photographers Gallery, Slade School of Art, University of the Arts London and Tate Exchange.