Fem Fest 2023 DAY 3: Lustre & Love Party

One Last Booty Shake
Festival - Fri 10 March 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 23:00
End → 04:00

Join us for one last booty shake celebrating all forms of feminist organizing!
Sluts unite!
Let’s co-create this safe( r ) loving space together!
Horrah of the end of en era!

To celebrate the last day of the FemFest, we cordially invite anyone who shares our values of fun-feministic-fun to join us on what will be a communal moment to let loose and take up space, amongst the throbbing lights and the strong vibrations of the WORM speakers.
Join us on the 10th of March from 23:00-04:00 at WORM with a bad ass all female line-up especially curated for this joyous occasion!

**Featuring: **
Noise Diva
Dey Rey
Deborah X

Noise Diva
Noise Diva, also known as Yara Said, is a noise explorer and sonic chaos curator whose work draws its inspiration from industrial noises, the breath of the city, shouts, hugs, death, love, and linear and nonlinear or disrupted narratives. For our party she will focus on danceable music by female and non-binary producers.
"In Syria, where I come from, we experienced a lot of jet fighter attacks. That, and the bombing and the fear leaves emotional baggage on you. I’m carrying around a sound trauma in my body."
Yara is the founder of Salwa, setting up programs for artists with a migrant background, offering an entry point for emerging artists into the Dutch cultural scene.

Kenyan producer and DJ Makossiri makes club music that defies genre limitations. Rich in narration and soaked in a cinematic atmosphere, her music is a blend of both hardcore techno, folk-punk, trance, industrial noise, and african tribal rhythms mixed with outerwordly sounds, elements of Afro-Futurism and Egyptian mythology.
"Initially, I didn’t see many female or non binary DJs to look up to while growing up in Kenya. I had basically given up on the idea of it until I moved to Kampala (Uganda) and a whole world of females taking control of the party and in the booth was opened up to me. This made it easy to transition into DJing because it felt like a safe space to explore the clubbing world.
Also access to gear was a problem and I had to borrow equipment every time I was gigging until I was able to save up and buy my own. Being a part of the Nyege Nyege collective (collective/music label in Kampala promoting electronic outsider music), helped me a lot."
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A safe( r ) club space

This party lives and breathes with the intention of creating a safe( r ) club space, as KONTRA has been doing since 2018, and therefore we will use a code of conduct (which can be found below or even at the venue). Please take note that crossing someone’s boundaries and violating the code of conduct may result in removal from the venue.
There will also be floor angels present at the party – they will be easily visible and you are welcome to approach them at any time.
In terms of venue accessibility, WORM has a lift and a properly modified toilet. If you have any specific needs or concerns,xx please feel free to reach out to us at kontra.rotterdam@gmail.com

Code of Conduct

| The intentions of the collective space we create is very important to us. Please read up on our guidelines & let’s have a great time together!
1. Anti-violence;
2. Respect for each other’s presence, expression, and opinion;
3. Anti-rape movement & consent is key;
4. Anti-racism/misogyny/bigotry and you are anti behaviour that stems from xenophobia, racism, homophobia, and transphobia;
5. No to body shaming (of any sort);
6. Anti-beauty standardization, YES to exploring your personal aesthetics;
7. Solidarity with different kinds of narratives;
8. Active and shared protection attitude: by calling out the attitudes and actions that threaten the participants’ safety;
9. Women to the front! |