CEL (Felix Kubin D & Hubert Zemler PL), Danibal (NL), De Kloe (B)

Concert - Sat 10 February 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 00:00

This is the first edition of a new series of concerts in Worm called VHVR. Don’t ask us what it means! it’s just another four-letter word (can you pronounce it?). But we can tell you what you can expect; the experimental, the hybrid, improv, electro-acoustic, noise, post-anything, always 3 (or sometimes more) acts that don’t match in style or discipline, but maybe fit in some other weird way. Come and have unexpected ends meet.

Kubin & Cel
Felix Kubin is one of Hamburg’s most busy and varied electronics lunatics. He began recording and performing while still in his teens, and has amassed a vast and crazy discography consisting of all manner of weird sounds. Felix has done music for radio plays, film soundtracks, festival installations and orchestras, in addition to the whacked-out solo performances for which he became well known.

(Felix has a bit of a history at Worm… He honoured us with his live music a few times, made radioworks for us, even did a very succesfull radioworkshop, collaborated with ao. Hajo Doorn (former Worm director) and, except for the last few years, kept in touch. So it’s about time we check out what he’s up to nowadays… and a collab with an improv musician is not what we’ve seen him do before…)

Warsaw-based percussionist Hubert Zemler is a decade younger than Kubin, but has kept himself equally busy. Initially focused on mastering his New Music chops, Zemler’s collaborators include John Tilbury, Gyan Riley and Jon Gibson. But Hubert has also been involved with various left field rock bands, and is especially well known for his free jazz playing.

De Kloe
Super Mario meets David Byrne meets CAN meets Lola rennt in a Sahara night club
De Kloe plays organically home grown dance beats based on rudimentary musical themes and barebones structures. These are the starting blocks for musical improvisations and playfull experimentation. Once described by Dennis Tyfus as "When five entirely different bands play together and it magically works." The band consists of four members: Midas Heuvinck (bass), Leon Jespers (electronica), Matthieu Larose (keys) and Elian Van den Eynde (guitar).
After releasing multiple demo tapes, live recordings and rapsongs on the internet, they now present their debut ep on Rotkat records “De Kloe Hits”. Only hits included! Digitally available as well as on cassette tape!

Jew’s harp virtuoso and sound artist. As a singer he explores the boundaries of the human voice: throat singing, sound poetry, yodelling, a touch of human beatbox and live loops. Since corona, banjo has also been added. Using live loops, Danibal creates his own world of sounds: rhythmic, funny, then like a conjuring shaman. His performance was once aptly described as electronic dada-folk.

(this is the first VHVR concert)