Experimental Publishing Graduation Show & Shop 2023 | Making Things Bubblic 🫧 – Closing day

a graduation shop, a space to continue conversations on how we sell and distribute published matter as independent makers - FREE
Art & expo - Sun 2 July 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start β†’ 12:00
End β†’ 18:00

Graduating students of the Experimental Publishing Master (XPUB), The Piet Zwart Institute, invite you to Making Things Bubblic in WORM’s Slash Gallery, Rotterdam.

Everyone is welcome to join the free Collective lunch 12:00-13:00!
Small loaf of Minor Stories by Chaeyoung Kim will be served on the side …

Reading 13:00
"To whom it may affect" by Kimberley Cosmilla

A glimpse of a moment. We look at where it comes from, this bubble.

Thinking about bubbles helps to reimagine publishing. When we switch the first letter of public, publishing and publication, something awkward happens that initiates a thought process. A small detail, a single letter, makes unfamiliar and curious again, what we have learned to take for granted.

Making Things Bubblic is, amongst other things, a graduation shop and, a space to continue conversations on how we sell and distribute published matter as independent makers. We are thinking about how to send out our bubbles.

Our bubblishing has happened underwater, throughout the past two years of collective study we have experimented with, and developed our works. This is a bubbling of our experience, an intimate and collective process that now travels up and out to an external public.
β€’ a bubble is fragile and temporary
β€’ a bubble is created with care and consciousness
β€’ or it emerges in a happy accident
β€’ a bubble is an imaginary, intimate space
β€’ a bubble pops and spreads without a trace

We are
🫧 Γ…l Nik (Alexandra Nikolova), Chaeyoung Kim, Emma Prato, Erica Gargaglione, Francesco Luzzana, Gersande Schellinx, Jian Haake, Kimberley Cosmilla, Miriam SchΓΆb, Mitsa Chaida and Supisara Burapachaisri. 🫧

A note on access
To enter Slash Gallery you can use the doors on the street level of Boomgaardsstraat, in the WORM complex. The pavement has ramped curbs close to the doors, the doors themselves can both be opened to make a wide entrance. There is a small lip to cross the threshold. Next to the entrance to Slash Gallery, there are multiple toilets. There are folding chairs to sit on during the event and access to drinking water from a bar in the gallery. Slash does not receive natural light, in the gallery there is strip lighting in the ceiling. The spaces are usually fragrance-free. Do you have any questions or requests regarding accessibility and visiting the show? You can get in touch with us at: a.m.pickles@hr.nl

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