Broadcast / Stream - Sun 28 August 2022
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 15:30
End → 17:00

An afternoon expanded radio with a list of Radio WORM luminaries! Lieuwe Zelle [Sound Experience], Niek Hilkman, Ege Sahin [RE-CHILDING], Virgil Westerhout, Juliana X** [Zuperstition], Mortiz Geremus [Electronic Merz], Robert Kroos [Grof Folklore] and Johanna and Vanita Monk [RE#SISTER]. Lukas Simonis plays host, introducing each radiomaker and finding out what they’ve got planned for their upcoming shows. 

Lieuwe Zelle: Initiator of Radio WORM 2.0, nude model, storyteller, nephew of Mata Hari and legendary radiomaker. His twice-weekly Sound Experience is exactly that!

Niek Hilkmann: Charming, funny and always swinging, Hilkmann (of, among others, Kwartet Niek Hilkmann)  is one of the great mainstays of Dutch language alternative pop.

Ege Şahin is a composer, and performer of mostly acoustic and electronic experimental music. He hosts ‘re-childing’, a weekly radio programme in Radio WORM, where every week a new guest is invited to improvise, explore, and discuss sonic issues. For this "expansion", he invites himself to play with his music toys in the form of a short improvised set while engaging with the audience through chat and interactive sound-making.

Virgil Westerhout: “Ik draai wat en hoe ik wil, met eventueel wat spraak tussendoor. Ik doe dit onder de noemers:  Tunes met Devon&Virgil; een programma waarin we beide "Humongous (big) Tunes" draaien (voornamelijk old Northern(UK)- of US-soul draaien) en Wunderbar Pirate Radio, dat is m’n show die niet in het programma voorkomt, maar gebeurd wanneer er genoeg djs in het barteam zijn en we nog wat (house/techno) willen draaien na de shift.”

Juliana X: Zuperstition is love on the dancefloor: A house and techno phenomenon founded in 2019 by Juliana X in Leeuwarden, Zuperstition is now a queer collective that creates memorable music and performance arts events: check out their playlists here to prepare!

Grof Folklore: Balkan Keyboards: Het elektronisch keyboard speelt een prominente rol in de uitvoering van hedendaagse volksmuziek wereldwijd. In deze aflevering van Grof Folklore neemt Duckfood jullie mee naar de Balkan om een aantal grove keyboard virtuozen aan jullie voor te stellen. Enigszins over de top. Grof Folklore immers.

Electronic Merz: Just as Kurt Schwitters founded Merz-Kunst as a liberation from conventions,  Electronic Merz encompasses a broad field of electronic music. Some episodes are driven by conceptual narratives, others just plain freestyle dj-ing. Expect Berlin School Ambient, 90’s Techno, Jungle and whatever other experimental electronics imaginable.

Vanita and Johanna Monk are musicians, writers, and visual and performance artists based in Rotterdam. Vanita’s seven-decade musical journey has been one of ongoing sonic radicalization, from classical piano to elemental vocals and industrial guitar noise. Johanna’s playing (clarinets, saxophones, little instruments and electronics) combines the drive and invention of the avant-garde with a melodic sensibility that betrays her roots in folk music. Together they have also continued to develop new ways of unifying prose, poetry and storytelling with creative music and visual performance. They regularly collaborate within other settings, notably in the feminist electronic noise trio Boterklontje (with Linda Nijboer), and the electroacoustic improv projects Monk, Ernsting & Monk (with drummer Philipp Ernsting) and Oxygen Tank (with percussionist Friso van Wijck). Today they will be representing the Rotterdam feminist experimental music community RE#SISTER, of which they are both founding members.