Re-childing with Ege Şahin + Jiyoung Wi

Concert - Sun 10 December 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 14:30
Start → 15:00
End → 17:00

For the next installment of re-childing, Ege Şahin invites Jiyoung Wi for a concert of improvisation. Expect noise, violin, guitar, electronics.

The monthly show ‘re-childing’ is a 2-hour-long radio concert series taking Radio WORM and WORM’s foyer as a temporal playground, where in each iteration a new guest is invited to improvise, explore, and discuss sonic issues with the host Ege Şahin. Broadcast directly from inside the #Wunderbar, you can grab a drink and join us in the foyer, or tune in online. Always free!

Jiyoung Wi is a writer and musician based in Seoul and Den Haag. She writes fiction in-between institutional and non-institutional contexts, and works with sounds in-between clubs and art museums.

Ege Şahin works in composition, sound art, and improvisation and researches social issues through a sound studies lens. Born in Turkey, a migrant in the Netherlands, he collaborates to and with various forms of experimental multi-media practices nearing the electroacoustic music spheres.