Expanded Radio: No Plexus

Concert - Sun 26 November 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 14:30
Start → 15:00
End → 17:00

Expanded Radio: Radio WORM comes out from behind the glass for live gigs and special events with our regular radio makers and their guests, broadcast directly from inside the #Wunderbar. Grab a drink and join us in the foyer, or tune in online. Always free!

The Second Eat Your Feelings Expanded Radio brings you the dynamic and genre-bending duo No Plexus based in Amsterdam. The session revolves around themes extended from their performance earlier this year at Rewire in a sonic dialogue. Laced with generative ambient improvisation, live coding, and giggles, we aim to bring you a deep dive into their creative process. One thing to be excited about. There will be details about their freshly released debut album ‘Rite of Passage’, so tune in to find out!

Join us on the 26th of November at 15:00 for 2 hours of pure joy and musical wonder.

No Plexus is a genre-queer experimental electronic music duo consisting of artists No Compliments and Bec Plexus. Their concept-driven approach to music is the result of both artists’ background in contemporary classical music fusing with a shared affinity for electronic music. Live sets from No Plexus combine raw and physical vocal performances, anchored by densely detailed drum programming and ever-evolving sound and visual design. A natural extension of their ceaseless creativity is the fact that No Plexus were chosen to be Rewire’s Young Artist in Residence for 2023 and 2024.

Eat Your Feelings is a monthly radio show by Alina Turdean and June Yu. Alina and June hold conversations about food, eating and the ways we satisfy our nutritional needs and desires, versus the world or their own personal worlds. Discussing childhood memories and eating nostalgia, habits, and particularities; they address complex worldly issues while goofing around with vinyl, rants, and recipes. Eat Your Feelings is a micro-universe of sensations, flavours, and kinks at the tip of the tongue. The radio sessions quickly extended to a monthly cinema series – Eat Your Feelings Cinema – that brings together film screenings, food art, and music to explore from a feminist standpoint provocative subjects and inspire exciting discussions that extend food outside of its domestic context.

June Yu has a background in astrophysics and a BA in ArtScience and has initiated a series of workshops centring around the idea of multi-species learning during Neuhaus at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. She participated in the program Studium by Kunst Instituut Melly centre for contemporary art, experimenting with forms of collective learning.

Alina Turdean is a multidisciplinary designer with a background in interior architecture, product, and temporary design. Currently embarking on a quest of integrating food and community in her practice, her main source of inspiration is human interaction and the bonds this creates with the material world, for the most relevant experiences.

Photo by Ozan Atmaca