Expanded Radio #2: Peggy Verzett: Snow Eggs book launch

with Lieuwe Zelle
Broadcast / Stream - Sun 13 February 2022
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 14:00
End → 16:00

Lieuwe Zelle invites poet Peggy Verzett for an on-air and in-person launch for her new poetry collection Sneeuweieren/Snow Eggs, published by Jap Sam Books (Prinsenbeek).

A cookbook-that-doesn’t-fit-the-genre, Sneeuweieren/Snow Eggs presents seven dishes for different mental states. It’s a cookbook that harks back to alchemy. Because the imperative mood is so annoying and needs to be exploited. Because the world of the psyche has endless contents that all want to feel they’re being fed.

We make a soundscape from a recipe with a synth show and an interview with Peggy and publisher.

Peggy Verzett (1958) is a poet, painter and singer. She made her debut at publishing house Van Oorschot in Amsterdam, with Prijken die buik. In 2010, Vissing, was published by Querido. Haar Vliegstro, appeared in 2016. Her fourth collection of poetry will be published in 2022. ‘Poetry can communicate before it is understood’, said T.S. Elliot. This quote has become her artistic mantra; sometimes hermetics as well as supple playfulness are present in her work.

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