Expanded Radio #14 Eat Your Feelings

Broadcast / Stream - Sun 11 December 2022
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 15:00
End → 17:00

For this edition of Expanded Radio, Eat Your Feelings offers an ASMR “striptease” session of various fruits and vegetables, accompanied by accounts of their sexualisation in pop culture. Using humour, emojis, vinyl music and pick-up mics to enhance the experience, we invite you to an afternoon of experimental fun and games.

We love to play with our food. And we would love it, even more, to do so together with you. Exploring the sounds and textures of these carefully selected "controversial" fruits & veg, composing our own DADA ode to eggplant (insert vegetable of your choice and adoration), and why not taste them, and examine these juicy protagonists in more sensorial details! We want to involve you in a fun experience, and have informal conversations on the hows and whys of our general fascination with certain shapes and forms.

NB: the veggie protagonists will be available for intimate encounters!

Eat Your Feelings is a monthly radio show by Alina Turdean and June Yu. Alina and June hold conversations about food, eating and the ways we satisfy our nutritional needs and desires, versus the world or their own personal worlds. Discussing childhood memories and eating nostalgia, habits, and particularities; they address complex worldly issues while goofing around with vinyl, rants, and recipes. Eat Your Feelings is a micro-universe of sensations, flavours, and kinks at the tip of the tongue. The radio sessions quickly extended to a monthly cinema series – Eat Your Feelings Cinema – that brings together film screenings, food art, and music to explore from a feminist standpoint provocative subjects and inspire exciting discussions that extend food outside of its domestic context.

June Yu has a background in astrophysics and a BA in ArtScience and has initiated a series of workshops centring around the idea of multi-species learning during Neuhaus at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. She participated in the program Studium by Kunst Instituut Melly centre for contemporary art, experimenting with forms of collective learning.

Alina Turdean is a multidisciplinary designer with a background in interior architecture, product, and temporary design. Currently embarking on a quest of integrating food and community in her practice, her main source of inspiration is human interaction and the bonds this creates with the material world, for the most relevant experiences.

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