Epiphany Platform

Showcasing Cinema
Workshop - Thu 23 May 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 20:00
End → 22:00

Epiphany is a multidisciplinary, artistic platform with the aim to support, connect and inspire emerging artists & creatives. ‘Epiphany cinema’ is about empowering aspiring filmmakers and encouraging the growth of talents within the community by showcasing their short films.

Epiphany selected 3 filmmakers: Tijmen Snoep with the film “Silverback”, Tonya Perevozova with the film “Sirens” and Georgina Abreu with the film “Entre Tanto”.
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23 May
Walk-in 19:30, screening from 20:00 till 22:00.
Tickets: Tickets: €5 euro, doorsale €8

Film 1


30 min

Tonya is a conceptual interdisciplinary artist with a preference for film and video art. Her works are mainly inspired by the absurdism that can be found in everyday life. She is currently in her last year at the School for Young Talent at the KABK.

Film Description:
Sirens follows three sirens in the modern world. Once best friends – the women have been growing apart for a while, and their friendship gets even more strained when one of them starts to question her relationship with the violence in their daily life.


Film 2:


30 min


Film description:
Silverback is the story of a father, a son and a bullwhip. Both father and son struggle to cope with their oppressive authoritarian. When the father becomes scapegoated by the exotic fish exporting company he works for, his son shows him how to stand up for himself. Both father and son become entangled in a feverish spiral of repressed aggression and a desperate need to regain control of their lives.

Me as a maker:
Thijmen Snoep is a second year Audiovisual Design student at WdkA. Silverback is the first of a series of 30 min length films that he’s making. He’s currently in the postproduction of the second one ‘Happy Holocaust Day’ and preproduction of the third ‘Monkey Mind’. His goal is to set up a production company after his studies in Rotterdam. Where he can make films that find a balance between autonomous art and a reflection of the current political climate. Silverback was his first attempt. It’s a story about repressed rage and an incapable feeling of standing up for yourself, to speak your mind against the aggressive bully. Unfortunately, we can only fantasize errazing the
aggressive instigators of the world.


Film 3:

Film Description:
“ENTRE TANTO” was born from a partnership between two Madeiran artists, Georgina Abreu and Beatriz Baptista, as well as two forms of expression — the video and dance — creating an honest symbiosis of two feelings. Inspired by the natural spaces that surrounds them, and which, at the same time, unites them; between breaks, seasons and cycles of change, which bring frustration but also clarity, their connection with the island deepens. It is an exploration of feelings and thoughts experienced during the year 2023 and since the beginning of a previous project, which had been dormant since 2021, initially entitled “Choreography of Encounter”. Beatriz Baptista, dancer and artist performance, is the main character of this short film, together with Mother Nature, who welcomes and embraces her and is also a starting point for the movement. Georgina, visual artist, captures and frames these moments of expression. This short film also features a special collaboration with multi-disciplinary artist Emmy Curl, who created the film’s soundtrack. This project came to life thanks to "INSUL’Arts" project from Dançando com a Diferença, financed by EEA Grants, within the scope of the Culture Program, operated by Património Cultural.

About the director:
Georgina Abreu is a 24-year-old photographer and filmmaker from Madeira Island, Portugal. After studying visual arts in secondary school in Funchal, she then completed a Bachelor degree with First Class Honours in Fashion Photography at Falmouth University (Cornwall, UK) in the year of 2020. Born and raised in the archipelago, the natural landscapes and local traditions influenced her sensitive and poetic gaze, in which the public is transported to the artist’s inner world, sharing her experiences.

Her work encompasses both photography and moving image, in which she explores both digital and analogue formats using fashion, poetry and dance as some of her main sources of inspiration. In the past 4 years, her work has been featured in several national art exhibitions, as well as international video and photography competitions. Georgina is currently based between Amsterdam and Portugal, focusing on creating visuals for fashion brands, musicians and dancers, whilst developing her personal projects.