Enter the System

w/ Marie K, Fentros, Yutte & Gilles STUV Potte
Club - Fri 6 October 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 23:55
End → 06:00

Enter the System
"In the way in which people live their lives, it seems as if we – especially in a densely populated city where everyone is constantly moving around each other – experience a sense of loneliness. As a mere number within an ever-moving mass that sometimes appears to have been stripped of any form of life. Sometimes human beings merely resemble robotic ‘humanoids’ who have allowed themselves to be subjected to prevalent bureaucracy. The way our current society rests on a compulsive call for efficiency and results, combined with the growth of technology, only contributes to the creation of this kind of ‘sleepwalking’ human being. Thus, these two factors induce an increasingly frigid reality stripped of actual freedom.

Therefore, we believe, this is why it is important that – especially the arts and culture sector – do not allow themselves to be drawn into this creatively poor reality, but rather seek an escape in the imagination/fantasy. Art, is a form of expression that provides us as human beings with a kind of freedom of mind. Within it, we can let our imagination run wild and from here that sleepwalking state can be overcome."

Gilles STUV Potte is a visual artist from Paris, he will join the ETS crew on October 6th with his project: Pogo Magistral, about which he says. "For years, I’ve been attracted to crowds. I would document them through riots and mosh pits, immersing myself physically within these crowds, trying to translate the chaos to stills that would share a story. Through this project, I take a step back and try to understand what draws me into these gatherings.
Throughout history, crowds have often been viewed as dangerous and in need of control and monitoring. However, I aim to challenge this narrative and demonstrate the immense power that emerges when individuals come together in a spontaneous and unified manner. Rather than being a source of danger, I argue that crowds are incredibly powerful precisely because of their spontaneity – they have the ability to affect change and inspire a sense of community and connection that is difficult to replicate elsewhere.

This project delves deep into crowd behavior during musical events and protests, utilizing cutting-edge technologies to capture and analyze the energy and dynamics at play. By studying the cathartic experiences that one undergoes while being part of these crowds, I aim to gain a greater understanding of the energy that emerges within these spontaneous communities.
Within the crowd, I feel connected and alive. This project is an attempt to visually translate the raw energy and amplified emotions that one undergoes when losing their identity in favor of the collective, be it out of anger or happiness.

Marie K is a Dutch DJ and producer based in Rotterdam. Coming from a classical background, she always strives to tell an emotional story while at the same time creating an energy that makes people want to move. Her richness in facets shows by how different she expresses via live sets and DJ sets while staying groovy, dreamy, yet dance-oriented
in both, as she believes dancing is therapeutic for the soul. Fentross and Yutte complete the line-up for this event. As residents from the ETS crew, they really understand what that significant sound is that is needed to open up and to close it down.

Expect some deep electro, swinging breaks and fast moving progressive house.