Electric Umbrella #9

Improvised Music! With Nina Hitz, Eni-Less, Antrianna Moutoula and RAQQA
Concert - Sun 15 October 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 23:30

Onze maandelijkse impro-extravaganza op de zondagavond.


Nicolas Zentz and Nino Baleyte operate under the name RAQQA, improvising in acousmatic electronic music, using laptops, SuperCollider, and the ‘-Oris’ device in their performances. Their soundscapes blur the boundaries between noise and music, between consciousness and unconsciousness, between control and letting go.
‘RAQQA evokes the tumult, the need for creativity and human expression to arise in the world in an unpredictable, unconstrained, and sometimes brutal way. It is a question of giving birth to the confrontation of basic sound elements, a whole ecosystem of complex and interdependent elements giving rise to real sound tables.’

Nina Hitz
Ze is gespecialiseerd in avant-garde repertoire maar eigenlijk met haar cello en haar krachtige stem tot alles in staat. "John Cage, mijn tienerheld, barokmuziek gestudeerd, theater en dans verkend, nu muziektherapie. Het geluid altijd als anker."

Antrianna Moutoula

Born in Greece, now lives and works in Amsterdam. Her work is primarily language-based; driven by the desire to articulate the continuous present, she performs streams of consciousness by tracing her thoughts simultaneously in spoken and written form. In this way and in various contexts, she aims to contribute to a renegotiation of the confinements of knowledge production in the art world. In her shows for Radio WORM she seeks ephemeral encounters with necessary others, exploring nonstop languaging as a radio performance.


Artiestennaam van Enio Ramalho, Rotterdamse producer van electronische muziek en één van de beste turntable wizards die we kennen. Bekend van zijn samenwerkingen met prominente stadgenoten als Mike Redman en Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva.