Electric Umbrella #2

A new monthly improv series on sunday evenings
Concert - Sun 15 January 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 23:30

Uhmm… improv? – Not everyone knows that WORM and improvised music go way way back in time. WORM, being a production place for authentic and spontaneous creative processes, has always had improvisation in the core of its DNA.
Music in itself is ungovernable and its definitions and genre divisions are not really relevant – improvisation has many different, heterogenous and divergent definitions. We allow all of them to coexist, intertwine and mingle, creating an environment where an experience is shared in a specific configuration of time, space and sound.
An experience that may sometimes be short-circuited, other times overcharged, sparkling, crackling…, but always empowering!

This edition focuses on the challenging interaction between amplified and "unplugged" instruments. There will be different line-ups where this interaction is explored. The players come together for the first time so this will be as fascinating for those listening as for those playing. Curated by Mariëtte Groot.

🌂 Mehrnaz Khorrami (violin)
🌂 Ege Şahin (electric guitar, effects, objects)
🌂 Hanna Aleksieieva (voice, keyboards, flute)
🌂 Yannis Patoukas (electric guitar, effects, live digital treatments)
🌂 Vo Ezn (Octatrack sampler)

About the artists:

Mehrnaz Khorrami is an Iranian electroacoustic composer and musician currently based in the Netherlands, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Sonology from Royal Conservatory in the Hague and Fine Art from Tehran Art University. Mehrnaz’s artistic practice focuses on designing sound installations, audiovisual performances, and live electroacoustic improvisation. In her work, she incorporates sounds from custom-made acoustic instruments, and urban spaces, as well as synthesized sound which is generated and manipulated by creative coding.

The Hague-based Ege Şahin makes avant-garde experimental ambient music falling around composition, performance, and sound art. Currently conducting a research on the agency of sound in border conditions, especially the ones in his homeland Turkey. Having a background in jazz, he likes to play with various types of guitars, synths, field recordings, and club bangers to make emotive music. 

Hanna, author of dreamdrift project. dreamdrift – is an art medium that combines music and video. Going beyond genre and form, we explore the limits of artistic synthesis and synergy laws. Appealing to the basics, we are not afraid of simplicity and different genres, balancing on the verge of mass culture and intellectualism. dreamdrift – is our method of understanding reality, life and space where new senses and meanings arise.
Eclectic, trip-hop, prog-pop
Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine

Yannis Patoukas is an electroacoustic composer, improviser and musicologist currently based in Rotterdam (NL). He is currently a research associate and guest teacher at the Institute of Sonology. In his music, he explores the different creative possibilities found at the intersections between experimental rock music of the 1960s and 1970s and electroacoustic music; with regard to studio practices and production techniques.

vo ezn — a sound && infrastructure artist working on server-side tensions and introverted interfaces ][ figuring out the tools for-to
knowledge-sharing / opting-out / autonomy ][ –to-for-by-with on my own terms ++++ @ systerserver / anarchaserver / solisoft / minadoraserver
[sound] ————– field recordings _ configure / reconfigure / split-splice in anti-gravity
Blood’s boiling waters [lever burns. “`