Electric Umbrella #13

Improvised Music and a Live Coding Special!
Concert - Sun 25 February 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 00:00

Never mind the number 13: we are SO lucky to be hosting some of the best artists from the Netherlands Coding Live Community, to join energies with top-notch acoustic musicians. Remember: improvisation in music is a state of mind and has nothing to do with the type of instrument you play. It is a radical approach towards musical structure and human communication. All you need is an open mind, curiosity for mind-altering encounters, but also the discipline needed to make sense of unpredictable processes in group playing. As a visitor, all you need to do is leave your expectations at the door.

This Live Coding Special is curated by eerie_ear, aka sound designer and digital artist Sebastian Pappalardo.
He is known for his virtuosity producing textures and patterns with Supercollider. Pappalardo: "All systems can be pushed to a limit. On the fringes of those limits exist dimensions of beauty and darkness. A universe to be explored with the heart and the mind."
to have an idea what this looks and sounds like, have a look on his Youtube Channel.
Next to eerie_ear, other confirmed artists are:

Felipe Ignacio Noriega
Renowned live coder and digital artist, notable for his innovative contributions to the intersection of technology and music. As the co-creator of the CodeKlavier, he has pioneered new ways of integrating coding into live musical performance, transforming programming into an expressive, creative act. His work embodies a unique blend of technical skill and artistic sensibility, pushing the boundaries of digital art and music.

Rafaele Andrade
Rafaele Andrade [Brazil, 1994] is a composer, improviser and cellist in the field of classic, pop and experimental music. She designed her own string-based instrument, Knurl, to find a sense of momentum-craftsmanship for music composition and artistic identity. She is a member of Netherlands coding Live (NL), iii workspace ( NL), and research associate at the intelligent instruments lab (IS).

Annie Abrahams
Internet artist since the early days of the world wide web. Abrahams’ art is about language, in all its aspects. Ever since being forced, as a child, to stop speaking the language she grew up with, this has been her main theme.

Lam Lai
Composer, based in The Hague, who works with sounds, music, and space. She explores the intersection between the analogue and digital worlds.

Raphael Sousa Santos
Composer, visual artist and programmer based in the Netherlands, who experiments with the development of programming languages and the use of random processes, evolutionary algorithms and spectral techniques. He performs under the name Sonologico.