Dear Shapes in Space II / showtime

Art & expo - Thu 11 November 2021
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 19:00
End → 22:00

This year’s Dear Shapes in Space performance show presents 13 students from the Willem de Kooning academy and young artists. There will be durational performances happening throughout the evening. You can dive into an augmented reality experience. There will be rituals and food art happening, amongst many other actions. A program with short performative interventions will start at 20:00 – 21:00.

Together these young artists share with you their visions on the future, approx. 50 years from now, through performance art. They’ll do so critically, poetically, soft, harsh, in interactive and personal ways. But in any case strongly engaged with their longings for the future.


Jah Barbosa, Doruk Durlanik, Inês Mendes, Fatima Jabor, Ioanna Kasalia, Elena Kolesnikova, Annemieke Laban, Esther Maij, Julka Piasecka, Zoe Prasinou, Ari Ralph, Anne Smeets, Lío Spinnewijn

Curator: Jessica van Deursen