Creatives with Unseen Disabilities Session #10

Pyjama party with CUD!
Workshop - Sat 9 December 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 14:00
End → 17:00

Come join a cosy afternoon filled with games, creativity, chill music, food and collective rest. Crip pioneers worked from bed, rested in bed, and made a social impact from bed. With this pyjama party let’s celebrate crip joy and community!

Come in your comfiest and most beautiful/wild/creative PJs and onesies! Bring whatever makes you feel warm and comfortable — flowers, chocolate, board games, or your favourite cosy blanket. Let’s make it a collective celebration of all things comfy!

Creatives with Unseen Disabilities is a community of disabled artists. Their events centre those who don’t have a sense of disability community, feel they need to mask their disabilities or are exploring their access needs. No disability is ‘too small’. All creative practices and journeys are valid.

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