Creatives with Unseen Disabilities #9

Community - Sun 29 October 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 14:00
End → 17:00

Creatives with Unseen Disabilities (CUD) is having another workshop on Sunday 29th October with guest speaker, and WORM’s familiar face, Sekai Makoni.

For this workshop Sekai will be sharing her learnings from her residency at WORM called ‘Period’ where she worked with a group of Black people who menstruate exploring period health and barriers to holistic support. The workshop will be a chance to think about the intersections of Blackness and disability as a co-learning space to consider the topics and Blackness, disability and access. Please note that this event is open to those who are Black and/or disabled.

CUD is a community of disabled artists. In their events they invite you to connect, to find and discuss common issues within the creative industry, and how to make the space more accessible. These sessions hope to give space to empower one another and find a balance between (self)-care and our creative work.

We particularly hope to meet those who don’t have a sense of disability community, feel they need to mask their disabilities or are exploring their access needs. No disability is ‘too small’. All creative practices and journeys are valid.

14:00-15:00 we have vegan soup and some bread and snacks. You are also welcome to join just for the workshop.
15:00-16:45 workshop (incl. break in between)
16:45-17:00 slow closing

To sign up click on this link:
Access needs? Please let us know using the same form.

Feel free to contact us with anything that makes it so that you can be most comfortable during this session.

Photo 1 by CyAnn Pourier
Photo 2 by Karina Dukalska
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