Coco and The Frique: Broadcast #1

Be a TV Personality!
Broadcast / Stream - Tue 15 November 2022
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 18:00
End → 23:00

Fancy being in a live TV audience? Now’s your chance. COCO AND THE FRIQUE are recording some editions of their infamous avant-everything TV shows at WORM! So; come on down to Boomgaardsstraat! Grab a meal, have a drink, and watch live interviews and some short sets from upcoming and established underground bands! Make sum noize, and add your voice to the sound of the crowd! A perfect way to waste a Tuesday.

Be there on time: 17:30 doors. There will be breaks for food and drinks in between sets and interviews. We finish at 22:30.

Don’t forget, the ticket price covers a meal provided by WORM.

Your genial hosts: Coco Maria (DJ, making moves with her compilation series Club Coco and a Worldwide FM radio host) and Arp Frique (artist:

Line up!
Ronald Snijders ft Elizabeth Fadel
Dennis Bovell
Another Taste plays Mad Honey

Some directives on Crowd Participation: Please be aware you are part of the recording of the first 2 episodes of a brand new online show including talks, performances and assorted madness which will lead to a good dose of laughter, energy and other thrills. Considering this is the pilot recording, things might go a little differently from what’s planned. What we need: open-minded people bringing plenty of good vibes, enthusiasm and crowd participation. The stage manager will give directions to you, the audience, so please follow these instructions to make recording a smooth process. There will be plenty of breaks in between recordings for drinks and food and bathroom breaks.

*You can see Kuunatic at Roodkapje after this show: details here.