Chouk Bwa & the Ångströmers + DJ Polo (Bristol, UK)

Haitian vodun meets electronics
Club - Fri 1 September 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Start → 22:30
End → 05:00

Chouck Bwa
Modular synths and other vintage electronic instruments bring another dimension to Chouk Bwa’s music, although obviously it is always the band’s groove and fluent tempo that leads the energy of the ensemble: no laptops, no drum machines. The electronic instruments are wired directly to the drums that feed them with impacts and caresses. All the Vodou families are there with their many rhythms and songs. Radical Vodou roots for new audiences. A traditional Haitian Mizik Rasin — roots music — band, Chouk Bwa, formerly Chouk Bwa Libète, realizes the source of a drum and dance style using percussion and call-and-response vocals that are infused with Haitian Vodou. In September 2016 Chouk Bwa met the Brussels based duo The Ångströmers. Frédéric Alstadt and Ripit are specialized in live experiments with vintage electronic instruments like modular synths.

We will be running a club night on straight afterwards with DJ Polo (Bristol, UK) DJ GHOST (Rotterdam) and Blondewednesday

DJ POLO has firmly established himself as a flagbearer for UK funky’s experimental evolutions. Respectfully drawing on South Africa’s amapiano sound, and connecting the lines between that and funky’s classic and contemporary permutations

Expect to experience a club night where POLO continues to do what he does best, taking UK funky and percussive-led experimentation to new and outward bound levels, building on deep respect for the genre’s rich and often underrepresented lineage.

A well known face on the scene, DJ GHOST (Rotterdam) played during Museumnacht Notes Community events and Anda Electronix clubnights. He blends old school and new school music in the smoothest way possible to hype up a crowd. On this night he’ll spin an electricfying afro/pan african set.

blondewednesday’s omnivorous ears are never turned off. She traded her home country Portugal for Rotterdam to revel in the open space between the club microcosm and experimental music. Part of Pantropical collective, blondewednesday reconnects people and sounds that have been kept apart. She accepts the challenge of merging them together with unexpected, raw and controversial blends that translates her atypical mind.

Expect a hell of a night!