Central Disko x Kinksnight x Disco Total

Club - Fri 26 April 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 23:00
End → 05:00

Central Disko x Kinksnight x Disco Total

It’s been a while, but Central Disko is back bigger and better than ever! On the night before King Willy’s birthday party we will have our very own Kinksnight at Worm. With a collaboration with the fabulous Disco Total from Amsterdam!
Besides the nice music to be expected, there will also be a fashion show: Metagala presented by Dartanjan! Bring your most kinky and sexy outfit to the party (or several) for everyone there should be a part to shine that night!

Also other performances are to be expected that night!

We would like to remind you that Central Disko is a Queer concept and is ran by queer people, but the policy is that it’s not a Queer only party. Disko loving moms in their 50s, nerdy Disko record collectors, and anyone who enjoys good music and understands this vibe in general is more than welcome!


Maxime Duvall (Disco Total)
Aroy Dee (Disco Total)
Mochtar (Pinkman, IFM)
Princess-K (Central Disko)


Walk Walk Metagala (Hosted and presented bij Dartanjan)
Senlly (Dance, Britney )
Nataly (Keren McDaddy)

See you then!