Central Disko

Club - Fri 3 November 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 22:00
End → 03:00

Central Disko X 1 año de locura Queer y el regreso de María Freia de la Fuente

On the 3rd of november it is time for the 1 year anniversary of Central Disko! We can look back on a year full of joy, celebration and unfortunately also tears…
This year has taken us places we never hoped to be this soon, with still bigger plans for the future! First we will celebrate this moment with the nice music, performances and all the crazy fun that is expected!

We would like to remind you that Central Disko is a Queer concept and is ran by queer people, but the policy is that it’s not a Queer only party. Disko loving moms in their 50s, nerdy Disko record collectors, and anyone who enjoys good music and understands this vibe in general is more than welcome!

See you then!



Insta: https://www.instagram.com/benkult/


Transylvanian born and Rotterdam based multimedia artist, combines her uncanny taste with sketches of experimental electronics into her sets and self produced tracks.
The ambience creates a hyper-connected society where sonic and visual embryos evolve.
BenKult also works as a multidisciplinary programmer and takes part in collaborations mainly dedicated to sustainability and autonomous intentions.


Insta: https://www.instagram.com/syd__2000/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/syd2000


Already a familiar at Central Disko and has a residency here. Syd has been playing for some time, but his search for music didn’t stop until now. Always interested in new music and collecting a lot. His sets are a variety of a lot of electronic genres, and are always funky & playful.


Insta: https://www.instagram.com/gentlejuiciness/


Has been playing as part of the Dagobah Soundsystem at many underground parties including the infamous House of Boys nights. Italo, House techno or just records with a lot of synth will be heard sooner or later during their sets. To keep it short just an eclectic mess, as long as it fits in the moment!


Insta: https://www.instagram.com/princess.k.dj/

Princess-K has been surrounded by music for quite some time and decided to start playing a few years ago. As an integral part of the WORM family, he hosts the "Central Disko" event series and radio show. He is a close collaborator of FEM and holds a residency at the HDE (His Dark Elements) collective.
He plays a mixture of a lot of genres, but mostly on the electronic spectrum. From dark and wave to more uplifting electro and breakbeats and italo-disco. He As long as it has a good flow and a nice baseline. Dancing is an unavoidable consequence!

Deirdre Direktor

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/deirdredirektor/

Deirdre Direktor

Born in the United States but based in South Holland, Deirdre Direktor has merged the sounds of her diverse influences in her mixes, from the Florida electro-bass of her youth to Detroit techno/electro, NY leftfield cheekiness, synth wave, UK and West Coast Holland electro/techno. But, the motive is always a musical journey.

Dj Leroy

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/leroyverbeet/

Rooted in the dark corridors of post-punk and cold wave, DJ Leroy is always looking for unexpected turns and heated encounters, changing and exploring genres as an ever-changing 90s mood ring. This time expect everything around italo, ebm and synthpop.


Senlly Samuel

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/senllysamuel/

Senlly (they/them) is a multifaceted artist from the tiny Caribbean island of Sint Maarten. Through his studies, he primarily focuses on contemporary dance techniques and various methods of developing new movement material. Senlly has been dancing for more than 5 years and is learning how to combine many aspects into a single movement form.

Nataly Wood

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/nataly_witha_why/

Nataly Wood

Nataly was always the shy one, until she discovered theater at the age of 12, and there was no coming back from that. Since then, she’s been experiencing and investigating theater, performing, and visual arts as a tool for the development of social skills and "intense" interaction.