Central Disko #3

Central Disko X Telenovela X Pascua de Resurrección de María Magdalena
Club - Sun 9 April 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 18:30
End → 01:00

This Easter Sunday Central Disko will return with its own Telenovela episode! This means spicy ‘Picante’ performances, dramatic entrances/exits and living the life in the ‘Haciendas’ or in this case ‘WORM’

Besides the episode, there will off-course be a dance party and performances in the same style. The kitchen will be open till 22:00 and will serve hot chili as the main course, and also some spicy tapas for the smaller appetite! As expected there will be a nice selection of local DJs making you dance till the end, including some of Wunderbar’s own!

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Rotterdam-based Ofra is a record digger who loves to share her music always and anytime, whether it’s through an intimate listening radio show or a steamy nightclub set. A lover of Wave, New Beat, EBM and Electro, she also holds a special place for Punk and Shoegaze music. Over the years she has created her own rich music palette as a curator, performer and DJ and in 2017 she co-founded the Rotterdam-based online radiostation Operator. Ofra’s eyes and ears are extra alert when curating programs to connect artists and music lovers. Besides, Ofra has started her own record label and the first release will be out soon!



He is coming and doesn’t have an actual bio/text, but likes to play for the fun of it. Is not very interested in making it all official, but will play some funky stuff for sure and has a really nice picture we can use!



Hasn’t been playing as a dj for very long, however he already has a quite nice collection of records. Before starting to play as a DJ he was and is very active in several bands and other music projects. Knows a lot about music in a lot of genres, but his sets are mostly funk & disco especially for this show!



Princess-K has been surrounded by music for quite some time and decided to start playing a few years ago back. As an integral part of the WORM family, he hosts the "Central Disko" event series and radio show. He is a close collaborator of FEM and holds a residency at the HDE (His Dark Elements) collective.
He plays a mixture of a lot of genres, but mostly on the electronic spectrum. From dark and wave to more uplifting electro and breakbeats and italo-disco. He As long as it has a good flow and a nice baseline. Dancing is an unavoidable consequence! "

Dj Leroy


Rooted in the dark corridors of post-punk and cold wave, DJ Leroy is always looking for unexpected turns and heated encounters, changing and exploring genres as an ever-changing 90s mood ring. This time expect everything around italo, ebm and synthpop.

Deirdre Direktor


Born in the United States but based in South Holland, Deirdre Direktor has merged the sounds of her diverse influences in her mixes, from the Florida electro-bass of her youth to Detroit techno/electro, NY leftfield cheekiness, synth wave, UK and West Coast Holland electro/techno. But, the motive is always a musical journey.