Being State Of Mind – The Residency

Other - Sun 9 January 2022
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 12:00
End → 17:00


Hi there, we have transformed the exhibition of State of Mind into a residency! If possible due to regulations, we will host a finissage at the end of their work period. TBA! In the meantime, we will release an interview and sneak peeks on our socials. Keep your eyes peeled for these mysterious artists!

We are making the best lemonade out of the sour lockdown!

Initially, we wanted to kick off the year with a celebratory opening debuting the work of the Rotterdam based collective State of Mind! In the constellation State of Mind, three accomplished artists are leaving their egos behind to create together as one! The exhibition would have featured a selection of the finest, wildest painting pieces the collective has made.

During their residency, the artists take their exhibition plan as a starting point and build on it! Slowly, but surely the three-headed being will overtake the whole space of our gallery. Wall paintings and spatial pieces will sprout out of the already existing pieces!

Follow their journey on their website! HERE

The three-headed being focuses on experimentation and collective painting. The unexpected adventures, visual dialogues and confronting sensations excite the three-headed body. Shared knowledge and instruments blend into a layered orchestral composition, causing an unusual type of aesthetics. All works are made as a collective, choices are made by the group. What can a communal creative power achieve when using six hands, six eyes and three beautiful brains instead of one? And who are the artists behind this collective? Tune in to see for yourself!