Low sensory clubbing
Club - Fri 23 February 2024
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 21:00
End → 02:00

Nowadays, when you go out, everything has to be louder, faster and more intense. This can be a reason for many, who suffer from stimulus sensitivity, to not participate in nightlife. To involve this group, we have developed: AUTGAAN, a low-stimulus club night.

With this club night, we significantly minimize stimuli to create an environment where individuals with sensory sensitivities can feel at ease and actively engage in the nightlife. This includes visuals, audio, crowd size, and the provision of a low-stimulus space.

We understand the importance of providing a comfortable environment for all attendees. Therefore, we will have multiple designated low sensory space available. Please inform our volunteers, who will be identifiable by their clothing, and they will guide you to this area.