FIlm - Sun 10 December 2023
WORM Rotterdam
Start → 14:00
End → 21:30

AMN Seasonal Festival – Winter 2023
Performance Workshop & Screenings

Asian Movie Night (AMN) Winter edition ‘Listening Nearby, Through Soils and Seas,’ takes place this December throughout the Netherlands!

In WORM, AMN will present an in-depth film program with film screenings, performance-workshop and discussion, focused on Asian indigenous cosmologies, knowledge, and struggle. The selection of films is exclusively crafted by indigenous filmmakers or centred around indigenous cultural themes.

For AMN, the concept of ‘indigenous’ transcends a mere ethnic-based approach. Instead, they want to deepen the understanding of diverse ways of living, foster connections between humans and non-humans, reevaluate conventional notions of time and space, and engage in critical reflections on modernity and coloniality, and the interpersonal and interspecies relationships they give rise to.

This year the festival is inspired by Trinh T. Minh-ha and Fileona Dkhar. With Listening Nearby, Through Soils and Seas, AMN hopes, not to speak about, for or over, but to listen nearby, to learn from and with nature, to explore and share how multiplicities can weave relations and coexist harmoniously.

facillitator Anchi LIN Ciwas Tahos (Taiwan)
The performance workshop QUEERING: The Land in the Middle of the Pond is based on the Atayal name exchange ritual depicted in the film The Land in the Middle of the Pond, in which Ciwas and other Atayal women participate. This ritual involves the exchange of names between humans and plants. Ciwas uses this customary practice as a symbolic gesture to reconnect with her ancestral land and affirm her identity in the past, present, and future.

Participants should prepare a plant (even a single leaf, flower, or any other part of a plant) with which they feel a strong connection and would like to engage in an exchange. The artist will introduce her concept, and through the performance, participants will have the opportunity to share their relationship with plants.
Max. 12 people (the workshop is included in the ticket)

Sunday 10.12.2023

14:00-15:00 performance workshop by Anchi LIN (Ciwas Tahos) QUEERING: The Land in the Middle of the Pond

15:20 screening #1
15:20 Intro
Screening of The Catch
16:20 break
16:35 Screening of Garden Amids the Flame and The Land in the Middle of the Pond

17:10 break
17:30 after talk with Chautuileo Tranamil (Aralez), Anchi LIN (Ciwas Tahos), Svetlana Romanova and al-yene (from Sata Taas). Moderated by Liang-kai Yu.

19:15 screening #2
19:15 Intro
19:20 Screening of Ancestral Echoes and Wells of Despair
19:55 break
20:10 Screening of The Woman Carrying in the Pray

21:20-22:00 drinks

online € 12,50 / door €15 / Cineville €5

download schedule & film info here

AMN Seasonal Festival – Winter 2023 is curated by Akvilė Šlėgerytė and HSIEH I-Hsuan.
Locations: WORM, Filmhuis Cavia Amsterdam, Limestone Books Maastricht, Focus Filmtheater Arnhem more info
Supported by Gemeente Arnhem, Prince Bernhard Cultuur Fonds, Taipei Representative Office in the Netherlands.