Ashoob #2: Pouya Ehsaei x Tormozgh and Farzané x Hugo Lioret

Concert - Mon 20 March 2023
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 23:30

For our second Ashoob event on March 20, we invite artists and musicians to embrace the ashoob and its transgressive power in the form of a concert night. For this edition of Ashoob, we bring together emerging musicians and artists who have shaped the experimental electronic music scene of Iran, offering deep listening sessions accompanied by visuals emerging from Iran, and live sets by musicians and producers in the diaspora.

About the artists:
Farzané is an Iran-born, Netherlands-based musician, researcher and sound artist. Focussing on the intersections of science, sounds and technology, Farzané’s research practice as well as live performances navigate the possibilities of artificial intelligence in relation to live electroacoustic music improvisation.
For Ashoob, Farzané will collaborate with composer, musician, improviser, and field recordist Hugo Constantin Lioret.
Their computer music duet introduces, emphasizes, rejects and blends sound, engaging in a live sonic dialogue that revolves around spontaneous vibrational plasticities, that arise from experimenting with human-controlled computer improvisations.
Hugo Constantin Lioret:

Pouya Ehsaei is an Iranian-British musician, sound designer, producer, radio maker and promoter currently based in London. With a background in the underground scene of his hometown Tehran, Pouya is currently part of a variety of sonic projects, such as the band Ariwo and Trio/Parasang, who aim to forge collaborations between artists with backgrounds in various musical genres and traditions.
For Ashoob, Pouya will present a new live set with visuals by Tormozgh, a new-media artist currently based in Iran. Navigating the possibilities of visual programming and digital simulation, whilst experimenting with generative optical systems and microcontrollers, Tormozgh constructs bridges among a variety of digital as well as actual worlds. Tormozgh’s live visuals embody speed, repetition, and rhythm, marking the disappearing of boundaries between digitally stimulated images and symbolic representations of what could be called ashoob: fire, running, and fast morphing red shapes that react to Pouya Ehsaei’s live set.

Pouya Ehsaei:

About Ashoob:
Ashoob is an audio-visual platform which emerged from revolutionary sounds and the need to expand the reach of the current revolutionary momentum in Iran. Ashoob foregrounds the sonic representation that emerged from the revolution as well as the experimental musical traditions that preceded it.

In Farsi ashoob means chaos; but whereas the oppressive Iranian state frames protesting through making sound in a derogatory fashion, ashoob’s meaning goes beyond that: ashoob is a collective and personal state of turbulence; ashoob means the disruption of the old order to facilitate change; ashoob means rhythm, means revolution.