Artist Presentation & Workshop by Laurie Anne Jaubert (BE)

Artist Presentation & Workshop by Laurie Anne Jaubert (BE)
Art & expo - Wed 8 May 2024
WORM Rotterdam
UBIK Space
Start → 19:00
End → 21:00

Artist Presentation & Workshop by Laurie Anne Jaubert (BE)

Date: 7 & 8 May
Time: 19:00-21:00
Location: UBIK, Boomgaardsstraat 69, 3012 XA Rotterdam

Are you an art academy student, digital media lover, mixed media enthusiast, 3D-makers, generative animator or AV creatives? Then this informal night of sharing your work and learning Laurie Anne Jauberts method is for you!

Dive into a world of installation and performance with our Artist in Residence: Laurie-Anne Jaubert on a exploration of creating immersive experiences through sound and text. Together you will discover how elements like 3D-animation, sound design and mediation contribute to an intimate experience.

In her artist presentation and short workshop, she will present and discuss her methodology of creating volumes of light in a space, generative animation and the use of sound design to create hypnotic aspects. On the topic of text, Laurie-Anne will elaborate on the influence of Indian meditation techniques and she incorporates them into her writing and guidance.

To close off the evening, participants will get a chance to work with the La Lumiterale approach and apply it to their own works. Digital and analog works are welcome. The workshop will consist of a collective meditation session and writing of a guided voice script.

Bring your laptop or upload a link to your work in the form below
Bring ongoing work to practice applying the la lumiterale approach.

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About the artist:
Laurie-Anne Jaubert is an artist in residence at WORM from April 24th to May 8th. Her practice emerges from questioning the human condition in its great diversity, which she approaches from the angle of identity, be it individual or collective. Her research questions the quality of our relationship with technology through the lens of digital media. Central questions in her practice are how technology alters our relationship to reality and how it shapes our social relationships.

WORM is showcasing Laurie-Anne Jaubert, La Lumiterale performance installation piece which she develops during a two week residency. The artist explores the way in which an installation can become a performance. The initial installation consists of an assembly of transparent fabric, projecting generative 3D-animations based on sound and vice versa.

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