Annelie Koning “Toch nog gelukkig”

Concert - Fri 9 July 2021
WORM Rotterdam
WORM Central Station
Doors → 20:00
Start → 20:30
End → 22:30

Annelie Koning is a vocalist and composer. On the 9th of July she performs the composition "Toch Nog Gelukkig" with Gerjan Piksen and Jeroen Callaars, as well as a set with trio BLIK.

"Toch Nog Gelukkig"

Singer Annelie Koning asks herself who she is, what she can become and what she thinks of that. She starts a conversation with the voices in her head about identity, memory and expectations.

The compositions consist of two arias and in between a recitative. These operatic terms are used in an experimental and conceptual way. The arias are used to bring across emotions of the voice. The performer feels in the beginning ‘too big for everything, too small for nothing’, and in the recitative she tells why and what that does to her. This performance is 20 minutes. "Toch nog gelukkig" is the result of Phonetic Stories, an Open Call of Asko Schönberg and De Tekstsmederij.

The composition is for 4 surround speakers and live vocals. Gerjan Piksen – composition | Annelie Koning – composition and performance | Jeroen Callaars – composition and text.



This energetic trio are based in Amsterdam. Koning switches, apparently effortlessly, between singing a poem and improvising an original story through the lyrics. Luc Ex creates warm, infectious grooves that respond playfully to the texts. Renfrow’s clear and direct grooves connect all of them and leave no space for doubt. Their new programme, ‘Love is a Dog from Hell’ is based on poems of Charles Bukowski. Expect an energetic and powerful interplay.

Annelie Koning – voice | Luc Ex – acoustic bass | Tristan Renfrow – drums


Entrance rules: This is a seated show with a maximum of 30 seats. No Testen Voor Toegang QR code is needed.